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Deep fried pizza is a popular dish in some parts of the world. It's made by taking dough, dipping it into an egg and milk mixture, then into a cornmeal-coated bowl before being deep fried in oil.

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How to make deep fried pizza
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Deep fried pizza. Crispy, delicious pizza dough like you’ve never experienced before. These little morsels of doughy goodness are best eaten hot and can be devoured plain or with your favourite salumi and cheese. This is my Nonna’s traditional recipe and she has been making them for decades – she’s pretty famous for them too.

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How to Make DEEP FRIED PIZZA | Italian Nonna Makes Pizza Fritta

deep fried pizza

INGREDIENTS: 500ml/2¼ cups milk 50g/3.5 tablespoons butter 25g/2.7 tablespoons fresh yeast (or 2 x sachets) 1kg/8 cups flour 1 egg 1 teaspoon sugar 2 tablespoons salt Sunflower oil (for frying)

UTENSILS: Medium size fry pan Tablespoon 1 x glass 1 x large mixing bowl 1 fork 1 medium pot


  1. Deep fried pizza dough is made by first warming up the milk. Put a fry pan on your stove at a medium heat, and pour the milk into it.
  2. Warm the milk up (don’t let it boil), and add the butter to your pan. Stir it in and let it melt down – it won’t take very long!
  3. Fill ½ a glass with warm water, and add the yeast for the deep fried pizza to it, mixing it around to dissolve it.
  4. Get the mixing bowl and add 1kg of flour to it, mixing it around with a fork. Then, to start making the deep fried pizza dough, add one egg, beat it well and mix it in.
  5. Next, add the water you dissolved the fresh yeast into and mix it through as well.
  6. Now add the rest of the dry ingredients to your deep fried pizza mix, with one teaspoon of sugar and 2 tablespoons of salt.
  7. After mixing this really well, add the milk and butter mixture slowly into the flour and stir is gently using a fork. Keep doing this until it soaks through.
  8. Next, it’s time to get your hands dirty! Start binding the ingredients well, using your hands, making sure to gather all the flour and add it back in. NONNA IGEA’S TIP: Every so often, clean your hands by getting a small amount of flour and rubbing it in between your palms, this will help to get rid of the sticky bits on them, putting it back into the dough!
  9. Kneading will take a short while – be patient and keep bringing the dough back together by working it toward the centre of your bowl, from the outside in.
  10. Keep working the dough, be gentle and sprinkle small amounts of flour at a time so it’s not too sticky.
  11. Next, take the dough out of the bowl and place it onto a wooden board where you can work with it some more – in some ways the shape should look like an XL gnocchi!
  12. Work the dough by folding it inward and pressing it forward, using the palms of your hands. Then once it’s nice and smooth, roll it around gently and if you feel it sticky at any point, just sprinkle a small amount of flour.
  13. The end result should be soft dough which is not too dry. Now, sprinkle some flour in your mixing bowl and leave this to the side to rest underneath a cloth for at least 3 hours.

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  1. Once the dough has risen, pull it all together gently and remove it from the bowl, putting it on to your board. Work it again, bringing it together from the outside in using both hands.
  2. Next, cut a small piece of dough, make a round, flat shape, sprinkle some flour on the top and bottom, then using a rolling pin, stretch it out, until it’s thin.
  3. Make a slit in the centre of it and put it to the side to grow again.
  4. In a medium pot, pour a generous amount of sunflower oil and put it on the stove to heat up.
  5. Once the oil is nice and hot, you can start to fry your deep fried pizza dough!
  6. Put a few in at a time and using a fork, turn them gently frequently to make sure they cook on both sides. They will cook fast and rise to the top really quickly!
  7. Once they are lightly golden, they are ready to enjoy!

deep fried pizza recipe

deep fried pizza recipe


Deep fried pizzas can be enjoyed plain right away or also topped with mortadella, prosciutto and cheese. Now, just try stopping at one!

How to Make DEEP FRIED PIZZA | Italian Nonna Makes Pizza Fritta

nonna fried pizza

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E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate…Enjoy!

deep fried pizza recipe

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