how to make diaper cake with receiving blanket

What is a diaper cake? A diaper cake is a colorful and fun way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. It's made by wrapping diapers around a wire frame and then stacking them in tiers.

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How to make diaper cake with receiving blanket

A home made diaper cake makes an excellent present for a child bathe. It appears spectacular, and it’s equally simply as sensible! A diaper cake is made with 2-4 layers of diapers. The scale of diapers used is as much as you, however measurement 1-2 diapers are normally more cost effective and match infants longer.

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To make a three-layer diaper cake, you have to:

  • 1 field of diapers (60-100)
  • 3 receiving blankets
  • 3 child facecloths
  • 3 child bottles
  • A number of rubber bands of various sizes
  • Security pins or diaper pins
  • 2 yards of ribbon to coordinate with the receiving blankets
  • plate or embellished circle of cardboard to make use of as a base

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Non-obligatory objects:

  • Small stuffed animal
  • Child brush and comb (or different child hygiene objects like clippers, syringe, and so on)
  • Child socks
  • Pattern packets of child lotion or cleaning soap
  • Pacifier & pacifier clip
  • Small child toys

To make the diaper cake:

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  1. Use one of many child bottles, and wrap one diaper at a time round it (do not open the diapers up). Use rubber bands to carry the diapers in place (having one other particular person maintain the diapers as you fasten them with elastic is useful). Make three layers of diapers – a small, medium and huge measurement, utilizing as lots of the diapers as doable.
  2. Fold a receiving blanket lengthwise and wrap it round one layer. Maintain in place with a security pin/ diaper pin or two. You possibly can select to additional safe the layer with an elastic band across the perimeter. Do the identical with the subsequent two layers.
  3. Tie an ornamental ribbon across the middle of every diaper layer (hiding the elastic band when you’ve used one).
  4. Cowl the highest of every layer with a facecloth, securing discreetly with security pins/diaper pins.
  5. Organize the layers in a stack, from largest on the underside to the smallest on the highest, and safe one to a different with security pins/diaper pins.
  6. Beautify your cake by fastening toys, child hygiene objects and so on. to the cake with security pins, or slip them beneath the elastic bands and/or ribbons.
  7. Full the cake with a topper – a small teddy bear works effectively.
  8. Set the completed diaper cake on a plate or embellished circle of cardboard.

This is an up to date submit for a Diaper Cake I made with pampers, that includes a candy rustic theme and distinctive topper!

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