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Dijon mustard sauce is a condiment that can be used on sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, sausages and more. It's made by combining yellow mustard with white wine vinegar and Dijon mustard.

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How to make dijon mustard sauce

Making your own Dijon Mustard From Scratch takes only a few ingredients and little time. It’s way easier than you think!

What’s a sandwich without mustard? Sad, according to my husband. Mustard is his favorite condiment and a must on his sandwiches. And I’m not talking about the florescent yellow stuff, I’m talking about a delicious Dijon Mustard From Scratch, which turns out is incredibly easy to make!

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mustard seeds, salt, shallot, wine, vinegar, and all spice, and white pepper on counter.

The ingredients are all pretty simple and really cheap. Especially if you buy your spices in the bulk section of your grocery store.

All Spice – You can either use whole or ground, you just need a smidge.

Yellow Onion or Shallot – Either! We’ve made it with both and although we prefer shallots, we don’t always have them on hand or remember to buy them so a yellow onion works great.

Wine – Any dry white wine will work well. Just make sure that it’s not something sweet like a Riesling or moscato. Or skip the wine entirely and just use water – it will adjust the flavor a little, but will remove all traces of alcohol.

Mustard Seeds – I like an equal mix of brown and yellow, but you can adjust this for taste as brown mustard seeds are a little hotter so if you want a milder mustard, use more yellow mustard seeds.

Step-by-Step Instructions

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Mix everything in a bowl and let sit overnight or for at least 8 hrs.

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2. Mix in a food processor (this is our favorite!)

3. And done!

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

How to Make Video

Find the full how to video here!

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Enjoy, friends! As always, please let me know if you make it and how much you love it! I love to hear from you on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!

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