how to make dill pickles and jalapenos | Family Cuisine

Jalapenos and Dill Pickles are two of the most popular hot sauces in North America. In this recipe, I'll show you how to make both of these delicious condiments at home with a few simple ingredients.
how to make dill pickles and jalapenos | Family Cuisine

Pickles are a favorite snack of mine. They are crunchy, briny and full of flavor, but light and not calorie ridden. Its funny to me that pickled cucumbers are known as pickles, because you can pickle just about any vegetable. I love to pickle peppers, asparagus, and okra! Try these homemade dill pickles with jalapenos!Homemade dill pickles with jalapenos

The method for pickling varies depending on the type of vegetable you use. This recipe to pickle cucumbers came from a family friend. This is her family recipe that she granted me permission to post on the blog. It’s an awesome recipe, leaving the perfect amount of crunch in each pickle.

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Variations to the Homemade Dill Pickles with Jalapenos recipe:

There are two ingredients thatVegetables require adjustments to personal taste in this homemade dill pickles with jalapenos recipe. First is how you prepare the garlic. The recipes says you can use whole, sliced, or minced garlic. More pieces of garlic (e.g. minced) will increase the amount of garlic flavor in the pickles. However, if you want to eat the pickled garlic, the larger the pieces, the easier it will be.

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Cucumbers and Dill

You can also adjust salt to taste. If you watch sodium content, be aware that pickles are usually very high in sodium. One of the perks to making homemade pickles is that you can control the amount. Four tablespoons of salt will make low-sodium pickles, while eight tablespoons will be similar to store bought pickles. My personal preference would be somewhere in the middle, maybe six tablespoons. Enjoy!

Homemade dill pickles with jalapenos

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