The Best Oreo Dirt Cake

A recipe for chocolate dirt dessert, also known as chocolate pudding.

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How to make dirt dessert

This Easy Dust Cake Dish (Oreo Dust Dessert) is among our preferred no-bake treats! Crushed Oreos are split in between a French vanilla dessert blend for a kid-friendly, make-ahead treat dish best for any kind of dinner or barbeque! Include gummy worms for a wayward touch!

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Front view of this Oreo Dirt Cake Recipe in a glass trifle dish with three layers of pudding and three layers of crushed Oreos with gummy worms on top and a spoon and a single-serve dish of Oreo Dirt Cake next to itThe very first time I took a bite of this Oreo Dust Cake at a buddy’s college graduation event I recognized I needed to have the dish. His mommy enthusiastically shared her dish with me as well as I have actually been making it since.Ever since (several, years ago), I have actually called it in as well as fine-tuned it to to the precise kind as well as brand name of dessert to utilize to make the outright ideal Oreo Dust Cake EVER.This dust dessert is among our preferred no-bake treats! It’s a kid-friendly, make-ahead dish that’s best to offer at any kind of dinner or barbeque!Front view of a small glass dish of Oreo Dirt Cake with two layers of pudding and two layers of crushed oreos with gummy worms on top. A large glass trifle dish of Oreo Dirt Cake is in the background and a silver spoon is in the foreground

How do you make Dirt Cake?

This dust cake dish is truly very easy to make! Allow’s go through it detailed, as well as do not neglect to view the video clip!

Step 1: Combine the pudding & & milk

The French Vanilla Dessert requires to be blended with the milk and after that placed in the refrigerator to establish. Which is why I suggest doing this action initially to make sure that it can establish while you’re blending the remainder of the dessert active ingredients with each other as well as cutting the Oreos!two overhead photos of a glass bowl. The left shows milk being poured into the bowl and the right shows a hand whisking the pudding mixture into the milk to make Oreo Dirt Cake

Step 2: Chop some of the Oreos

Get rid of 8 Oreos (or even more if you got a family-sized bag) from the plan as well as slice them right into 1/4″ to ½” items. This basic action makes this dust cake dish added unique.My outright preferred attacks of this dust dessert are the ones which contain large portions of soft Oreos. They have the very best structure after they’re pudding-infused from cooling over night! Believe me, do not avoid this action!Overhead view of a two hands cutting Oreos with a knife on a rectangular wooden cutting board

Step 3: Crush the rest of the Oreos

After you have actually sliced a couple of Oreos, squash the remainder. It’s really simple this in a food mill fitted with an “S” blade. Simply understand that you might need to stop, launch any kind of Oreos that obtain stayed with the blades, as well as refine some even more!If you do not have a food mill you can utilize a moving pin. Simply make certain to squash them right into a great powder so they resemble dust!!two overhead photos of a food processor fitted with an "S" blade. The left photo shows whole ores in the food processor, the right photo shows the crushed oreos after processing to be used to make Oreo Dirt Cake

Step 4: Make the Pudding Layer

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The essential to this action is to see to it the butter as well as lotion cheese are softened as well as at area temperature level so they’re very easy to incorporate! I suggest utilizing a standing mixer, however I made use of a hand mixer (for capturing functions) with fantastic success!All the remainder of the instructions in this component are really simple! Simply make certain to defeat the active ingredients well after each enhancement to make sure that the blend is smooth as well as there are no swellings.a collage of six overhead photos of a glass bowl showing how to make the pudding base in this Oreo Dirt Cake recipe. Layer in the awesome whipThe only active ingredient in the dessert blend that does not obtain defeated in is the awesome whip. Merely fold it right into the dessert blend with a spatula up until it’s completely included as well as the dessert is uniform (consistent throughout).

Step 5: Layer the Pudding & & Oreos to make the Dirt Cake

Since you have actually made the dessert as well as prepared the “dirt” (Oreos) it’s time to layer them with each other to make this Oreo Dust Cake! Each layer contains the following:

  • 2 mugs of dessert blend
  • 1/2 mug smashed Oreos
  • 1/4 mug sliced Oreos

After that repeat up until all the active ingredients have actually been made use of. Simply make certain to finish with a layer of Oreos! These quantities of active ingredients will certainly vary if you utilize a various offering meal aside from this glass trifle meal. I talk about a lot more offering choices listed below!two photos showing the front of a glass trifle dish. The left photo shows a hand measuring 1 cup of pudding into the dish, the right shows a hand adding crushed oreos on top of the pudding layer in this Oreo Dirt Caketwo photos showing the front view of a glass trifle dish. The right photo shows a hand sprinkling Oreos into the dish, the right shows adding another pudding layer to the Oreo Dirt Cake

Step 6: Add gummy worms

For an enjoyable enhancement, include some gummy worms to the top of the dust cake when you have actually completed layering. You can include them as you take place top of each dust layer if you truly enjoy them! I directly do not choose the fruity preference in my Oreo Dust Cake, so I pick to simply place them on the top as well as offer additionals on the side!Overhead view of a hand adding gummy worms to the top of this Oreo Dirt Cake in a round glass trifle dish

Step 7: Chill Overnight

Chilling this Oreo Dust Cake dish over night is vital to attain the very best taste as well as structure. The dessert as well as Oreos combine with each other as well as end up being a perfect tasty treat! Merely cover the trifle meal with cling wrap as well as area it in the fridge over night.Sure you can just cool it for a pair hrs if it’s definitely needed. Yet I suggest capitalizing on the reality that this no-bake treat requires to be made the day prior to a huge occasion, releasing you as much as make various other dishes (similar to this Pasta Salad or Eastern Quinoa Salad), the day of!

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Front view of this Oreo Dirt Cake Recipe in a glass trifle dish with three layers of pudding and three layers of crushed Oreos with gummy worms on top

Step 8: ENJOY!

After working out outstanding self-discipline as well as persistence allowing this Dust Cake dish cool overnight, it’s time to ultimately DIG IN!

Dirt Cake: Serving Suggestions

There are a couple of various “vessels’ you can utilize to make this Oreo Dust Cake dish.

  • Glass Trifle Meal: I utilized this Trifle Dish from Cage as well as Barrel to make this dish as imagined! It’s an actually stunning item of serving-ware as well as it’s economical ($ 25)! If you’re an customer after that this Support Hocking Trifle Dish is one more fantastic option, as well as it’s just $19!
    • When utilizing a recipe similar to this I such as to offer it with a lengthy offering spoon!
  • An Adorable Container. When I have actually seemed like going above and beyond for the youngsters, I have actually made this dust dessert to require to a barbeque or dinner in an adorable steel container or a plastic container!
    • When I make this in a pail I such as to be charming as well as offer it with a shovel similar to this Yard Trowel and even a plastic Sand plaything shovel! Simply make certain neither the container or shovel have actually been made use of to yard or play in the sand!
  • Private Dust Cake Cups: You can constantly damage the dish down as well as layer it right into private dust cake mugs for very easy offering! These tiny clear plastic mugs are best for that!
  • 9×13″ Glass Baking Dish. If you’d rather just spread this dirt cake out into a 9×13″ cooking meal that functions too! You will likely just obtain 2 layers of each, as well as I suggest beginning with a dessert layer under! Benefit if the cooking meal has a cover for very easy transportation!

up-close front view of a spoon holding a scoop of Oreo Dirt Cake with two layers of pudding and two layers of crushed oreos

Dirt Cake Recipe: Ingredients & Substitutions

This dust dessert is the outright ideal when it’s made precisely as created. Nonetheless, allow’s talk about the active ingredients & & feasible substituions.

  • Milk. I suggest utilizing 2% milk or entire milk to make this dust cake dish. It will certainly still taste outstanding with 1% or skim, simply keep in mind that a greater fat material offers to a richer, creamier dessert layer!
  • French Vanilla Dessert. This is the secret active ingredient that makes this dish over the leading tasty. I utilize Jello Split second French Vanilla Dessert & & Pie Filling up as well as it is the outright ideal. I when got an off brand name french vanilla dessert as well as Ritch can really taste the distinction! Currently you can replace normal vanilla dessert or delicious chocolate dessert (to look even more like dust) if that’s your point, however I truly believe the key to making the most effective dust cake EVER is utilizing french vanilla dessert!
  • Oreos. I just ever before get dual packed Oreos, however any kind of selection with any kind of quantity of “stuff” function well. This dish requires a 15 oz plan, however you can definitely include even more if you want!
  • Butter. Either salter or saltless butter functions flawlessly in this dish. I utilize salty!
  • Powdered sugar. There’s truly no replacement below. You require powdered sugar to aid enlarge the blend!
  • Amazing Whip. Any kind of awesome whip selection functions fantastic in this dust cake dish. I selected added luscious since we are currently delighting when we make this dish, so I desire it to be as abundant as well as luscious as feasible! Select your preferred!

Front view of this Oreo Dirt Cake Recipe in a glass trifle dish with three layers of pudding and three layers of crushed Oreos with gummy worms on top

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