how to make early grey milk tea

The first time I had tea was when my mom made me a cup of early grey milk tea. It was the best thing she ever taught me how to make.

Earl Grey Milk Tea has all flavors of Earl Grey with no animal ingredient. Made with cold brew tea and sweetened with brown sugar syrup, this iced milk tea is perfect for waking up on hot summer days.

Beverages ready to drink with pink reusable straw.

What is Earl Grey Milk Tea?

Earl Grey Milk Tea is an iced tea beverage made with milk, Earl Grey tea, sugar and sometimes tapioca pearls. This version has less sugar than its store-bought version, and you can even make it with no sugar at all.

I love having iced Earl Grey with milk, but never found the right measures to have a beverage as delicious as one from a milk tea shop.

After a lot of experimenting, I have finally the recipe that is perfect for me! This milk tea:

  • Has a lot of Earl Grey flavor;
  • Don’t get watery as the ice melts down;
  • Is super creamy; and
  • Costs a lot less than buying from a milk tea shop.

Ingredients and Substitutions

Earl Grey Tea. Both tea bags and loose Earl Grey tea work for this recipe.

Milk. My favorite plant-based milk for this recipe is almond milk. Cashew milk is also a good call. Oat milk will change a bit of the taste, and I don’t recommend using coconut milk for this recipe.

Ice cubes. Using earl grey ice cubes is my secret for a drink that doesn’t get watery after sitting for some time.

Brown sugar syrup inside a heat proof measuring cup.

Brown Sugar Syrup. You can use store-bought or simply make your own. Brown sugar syrup gives hints of caramel that’s just perfect for milk tea.

Cold Brew Milk Tea

Making cold brew milk tea is easier than you might be thinking.

To make it, we’ll need:

  • A recipient/jar with a lid that can hold 2 cups of liquid;
  • Earl Grey (loose or tea bags);
  • Almond milk.
Tea bags being removed from cold brew milk tea.

Fill the jar with 2 cups of almond milk, add the tea bags or loose tea and close the lid. Refrigerate overnight, or for 12 to 16 hours.

Remove tea bags or strain cold brew tea if using loose earl grey.

Tea Ice Cubes

The secret for a milk tea that burst with flavor is using ice cubes made with brewed tea. One cup of tea makes enough ice cubes for this recipe.

Pour one cup of hot water over a bag of Earl Grey (or 1 tablespoon of loose Earl Grey tea). Wait for it to cool and fill an ice cube tray. Store in the freezer until ready to use.

Ice cubes made from tea.

How to Make It

Got everything ready? Let’s make the best Earl grey milk tea!

This recipe makes enough for 2 tall glasses of milk tea.

Add about 6 ice cubes to each glass. Pour cold brew milk tea over ice, dividing it evenly between glasses. Add 1 and a half tablespoon of brown sugar syrup to each drink, and stir to mix.

Cold brew milk tea pouring over ice cubes.

Enjoy while cold!


Consume Earl Grey milk tea fresh for the best result. Store any leftovers in the fridge.

Cold brew milk tea is good for 2 to 4 days. After that time, it starts to lose its flavor.

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