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how to make easy peel hard boiled fresh eggs | Family Cuisine

How to Make Easy Peel Hard Boiled Fresh Eggs: This is a simple and easy way to boil eggs in the shell. You can also make hard boiled eggs with this method, but it's not necessary.

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How to make easy peel hard boiled fresh eggs


The information in this post will change your life…..well, it did for me and a few of my friends. Keep reading to learn how to boil farm fresh eggs so they peel easily.

Reading: how to make easy peel hard boiled fresh eggs

The information in this post will change your, it did for me and a few of my friends. Keep reading to learn how to boil farm fresh eggs so they peel easily.

I never knew there was a difference between hard boiling farm fresh eggs and hard boiling eggs that you buy in a supermarket. All I knew is that I wasn’t very good at hard boiling eggs… period.

Up until about 2 years ago, I really didn’t know how to hard boil farm fresh eggs or any kind of eggs for that matter.

I was boiling my eggs and usually throwing away half of the whites because they would be stuck to the shell. I finally got fed up with it and decided there must be a better way.

And so I began my search to find the best way to hard boil farm fresh eggs.

So I sat at my computer, probably like you did to get here and typed into the all knowing google search engine “how to boil farm fresh eggs.

Let me tell you, I ran across a bunch of different ways claiming to know the secrets on how to boil eggs so they peel easily.

Most of them were pinterest fails. Yup. The eggs were either cooked too long, or I lost half of the egg when I went to peel them.

So this Wednesday I got my hair done (thank you Mel, I was in dire need) and I asked my hair dresser if she had any extra eggs. She has the cutest little chickens in her back yard and they are super kid friendly.

young boy holding a chicken

I was in luck. She had a couple extra dozen eggs, so I gladly took a dozen off her hands 🙂

Chicken laying an egg

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Aren’t these the cutest chickens you’ve ever seen! They aren’t even bothered by the cat and the kids love them!

free range chicken

The picture below is of the eggs from the hen house put directly into the egg carton without being washed off to make them last longer. You need to wash them when you are ready to cook them.

farm fresh eggs

Are you ready yet for my secret on peeling hard boiled farm fresh eggs?

farm fresh hard boiled egg

It works flawlessly!

how to hard boil farm fresh eggs

BUT…..with my method you need to peel all of the farm fresh eggs. You can’t leave them in the fridge with the shell on after they’ve already been cooked. You’ll lose half of your egg!

hard boiled egg split in half

How to Boil Farm Fresh Eggs

First get a large sauce pan with a tight-fitting lid. Next put desired eggs in the saucepan. Then fill the saucepan with room temp water about 1 inch above egg.

After that, add 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. You may also substitute for white vinegar. Next, cover saucepan and turn on high. Then bring to a boil (covered) and boil for 1 minute.

Next, completely remove from heat for 1 minute (Leave you burner on high and place saucepan off to the side). Then add the saucepan back to heat and boil for 1 minute.

Next, turn the heat down to simmer and simmer for 10 minutes. Still don’t remove lid.

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After 10 minutes remove the saucepan from the burner and drain off the water. Put cold water and ice in the saucepan.I tend to put 3-4 cups of ice, just enough to cool the water down so the ice isn’t completely melted

After about 10 minutes, remove the eggs from the ice bath and start shucking, and shuck them all immediately or they will be full of craters.

How to peel hard boiled eggs

For amazingly easy peel hard boiled eggs, soak them in a cold water bath after boiling. After about 10 minutes, gently tap the eggs on a hard surface to crack the shell. Now, your hard boiled farm fresh eggs should be super easy to peel!

How long to cook hard boiled eggs

With my method to cook hard boiled eggs, it takes about 13 minutes.

Hard boiled egg calories

A large, plain hard boiled egg contains about 78 calories.

How long are hard boiled eggs good for?

Before drying out and becoming tough, the best hard boiled eggs are eaten within a week of boiling.

How long do farm fresh eggs last?

Farm fresh eggs can sit out at room temperature for about a month before they need to be refrigerated. But if it’s maximum flavor and freshness you want, I would recommend eating them within the first 2 weeks.

Do farm fresh eggs need to be refrigerated?

If they have been washed, farm fresh eggs should be refrigerated to keep them fresh and protect them from bacteria. This is because when washed, the protective natural coating (bloom) on the eggs is stripped, leaving the fresh eggs vulnerable.

If your farm fresh eggs have not been washed, they can sit at room temperature until you are ready to eat them, or about a month before refrigeration is recommended.


Since I originally wrote this post, I bought an Instant Pot – and wow is it a life changer!

You can actually cook farm fresh eggs perfectly in the Instant Pot which is way easier than this method if you have one or a different pressure cooker.

I wrote a post about it on my keto blog – The Keto Queens. Check this post on deviled eggs with relish where we shared how to make Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs.

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Now to the good stuff, “How To Boil Farm Fresh Eggs So They Peel Easily”

Let me know how my method worked for you in the comments below 🙂

How to Boil Farm Fresh Eggs So They Peel Easily

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