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Edamame is a Japanese dish that consists of steamed soybeans. They can be served as an appetizer, main course, or side dish. Edamame sauce is a delicious dipping sauce for edamame and other vegetables.


Asheley and I love sushi. We try to go out for it at least once a month. And actually, writing about this reminds me that we’re do for another trip. Let’s see if I can convince Asheley to go out for some after work tonight :). We would go for it more frequently but a sushi night out for us typically gets a little pricey. It’s not her fault… my over-enthusiastic stomach that jumps with excitement while ordering is to blame.

Have you ever been to a sushi bar that gives out a little plate of complimentary steamed edamame at the beginning of your meal? Two of our favorite local sushi spots do (maybe that’s why they are our favorite spots). Asheley and I eagerly attack the little pods, feverishly trying to eat as many as possible before the other gets the chance to do the same. We have a loving relationship, don’t we?!

Edamame really only needs a little sprinkling of coarse, flaky salt to taste great. I’ll gladly eat a whole bunch of them just like that. But then I went to a restaurant that offered Soy Glazed Edamame as an appetizer. Interested, I tried it. And loved it. Just when you think edamame can’t get any better, they go ahead and do this.


And so I worked on recreating a version for Asheley and I to enjoy at home. It’s really quick to whip together (10 minutes), and is a great appetizer or snack with lots of healthy side benefits. Edamame is full of protein, fiber, antioxidants, various vitamins and minerals, and apparently also has anti-inflammatory properties. Those little pods pack a powerful nutrition punch!

When I make edamame at home, I just need to be sure of one thing: make a plate for each of us. Sharing doesn’t go well.



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