How to make edible cake batter without cake mix

Making cake batter without cake mix is not that difficult. Even more creative cooks can make their own batters, and there are some recipes for vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free cakes that don't require any mixes.

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How to make edible cake batter without cake mix

This edible cake batter is delicate, candy, and loaded with chocolate chunks and sprinkles! The batter doesn’t include any danger to foodborne sickness as we miss eggs and bake the flour & cake combine making certain this batter is protected to eat.

Overhead image of the edible cake batter dough in a bowl with a spoon in it

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It began with this mega-popular edible cookie dough! That recipe impressed the creation of this peanut butter cookie dough, edible brownie batter, and now this delectable edible cake batter. Which begs the query…what different edible un-baked items would you prefer to see? 🙂

Consuming uncooked cake batter

Common (uncooked) cake batter isn’t thought of suitable for eating due to well being considerations revolving round each the micro organism in flour and micro organism in raw eggs.

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This uncooked cake batter recipe is specifically formulated to be protected whereas additionally having these cake batter flavors and love. There aren’t any eggs on this recipe and we warmth deal with the flour AND cake combine to make sure the whole lot is as much as security normal for consumption.

Image showing how we heat treat the flour to make this dough edible

Warmth treating flour & cake combine

Lots of people are stunned to seek out flour a wrongdoer for illness in unbaked cake batter. Flour doesn’t appear like a uncooked meals, nevertheless it really is which suggests it hasn’t been handled to kill germs (assume e. coli). These germs and bacterias could cause meals poisoning (supply).

So, when making cake batter that’s edible, we have to first cook dinner the flour (or warmth deal with it) to make sure we kill any potential micro organism. We additionally must warmth deal with the cake combine used since that, too, has uncooked flour in it.

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There are 2 choices for warmth treating the cake combine and the flour.

  • Warmth deal with it within the microwave: add the cake combine in a microwave protected bowl and add the flour to a separate microwave protected bowl. I like to recommend warmth treating extra flour and extra cake combine than the recipe requires (1/2 to 1 cup further) to make sure you have sufficient in case some burns or clumps. Microwave bowls individually in bursts of 30 seconds, stirring in between every burst. Take your time stirring properly to verify not one of the flour or cake combine burns. Use a thermometer to check the flour after which take a look at the cake combine in a couple of locations to verify every has reached 165 levels F all through. (In case you get lower than 165 levels, return the flour/cake combine for yet another burst of 30 seconds).
  • Warmth deal with it within the oven: preheat the oven to 300 levels F. Line a big sheet pan (with sides) with a nonstick liner or parchment paper. Unfold the flour on the pan (deal with greater than you’ll use; 1/2 to 1 cup further). Bake the flour, eradicating and stirring it, each 1 and 1/2 minutes. Each time you take away the flour to stir, take a look at it with the thermometer. As quickly because it reaches 165 levels F, it’s protected. Repeat this course of on a separate tray for the cake combine. The cake combine additionally wants to achieve 165 levels F.

Process shots- images of the butter being creamed together and then the sugars being added, then the dry ingredients being mixed in with the wet and everything combined.

Ideas for warmth treating cake combine & flour

  • If baking or microwaving left your flour or cake combine with any clumps, break up these clumps together with your fingers. Discard any clumps that gained’t break up simply. If flour or cake combine caught to the edges or backside of the pan, don’t scrape it up for the batter.
  • Let the flour and cake combine cool utterly earlier than utilizing. In case you use scorching flour and/or scorching cake combine, this batter gained’t prove proper. Let each cool utterly at room temperature, or velocity up the method by inserting the trays within the fridge or freezer.
  • If there are discolored sections (brown or gentle brown) discard that flour/cake combine, it should make the cake batter style burned! (Because of this we warmth deal with a bit extra flour & cake combine than we’ll want!)
  • We would like the warmth handled flour and the cake combine to look identical to it did earlier than warmth treating (gentle, fluffy, & white) — discard elements that don’t appear like this.

Personalize this edible cake batter

Get inventive together with your favourite add-ins! My private favourite addition to this base recipe is milk chocolate chips; beneath are a couple of different concepts

Different mix-in concepts: darkish chocolate chips, M&Ms, marshmallow fluff, further sprinkles, coconut

Up right image of the edible cake batter dough in a bowl with white and milk chocolate chips and sprinkles.

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Recipe suggestions

  • Use a cake combine you’re keen on! My private favourite is Betty Crocker’s Tremendous Moist Rainbow Chip Cake Combine (not sponsored). Any funfetti or confetti cake combine will work nice; you possibly can even use plain yellow or plain white cake combine.
  • Use sprinkle jimmies not nonpareils: right here’s a breakdown of various kinds of sprinkles, however primarily the jimmies gained’t die the dough and are the very best to eat with out being baked. Nonpareils shall be too crunchy and will damage your enamel.
  • Spoon and stage the flour and cake combine: in case you scoop both of those right into a measuring cup, you’ll pack in an excessive amount of and create a tough cake batter dough.
  • Use room temperature (not melted) butter: for this dough to whip collectively properly, we would like the right temperature butter. (To hurry up the method of getting room temperature butter, do that hack.)

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