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Ogi: Fermented Millet Porridge

Fermented porridge is a traditional food in China. It's made by soaking rice, millet, or mung beans in water and then fermenting them with salt and yeast. The fermentation process creates lactic acid that lowers the pH

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How to make fermented porridge
Fermented millet porridge is gluten-free, vegan and zero-waste.

Fermented millet porridge is a standard breakfast in quite a lot of nations spanning Europe, Asia and Africa, the place millet is an reasonably priced and sustainable crop.

Fermentation improves the digestibility and will increase the dietary worth of the millet, for a healthful breakfast possibility. It’s additionally gluten-free, wholegrain, vegan and zero-waste!

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Varieties of fermented millet

  • The recipe under follows a way just like that of Nigerian Ogi. The millet is milled earlier than fermenting, which ends up in a really clean and creamy cereal.
  • Entire fermented millet isn’t floor earlier than fermentation. The feel after cooking is just like polenta. It additionally makes a pleasant, thick porridge.
  • Dosas are South Indian-style crepes that may be constituted of fermented lentils and millet.
  • Ragi Malt is a thick beverage constituted of millet flour. It may be fermented after cooking for improved digestibility.

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Like most grains, millet naturally ferments from the wild yeast cultures in your house. If you’re new to fermenting, it may well take some time to catch the wild yeasts. Nonetheless, the extra you ferment, the extra wild yeasts you’ll naturally have in your house.

In the event you’re struggling to catch a wild ferment or if it’s your first time fermenting grain, then I like to recommend utilizing a starter tradition to get every little thing going. Any yeast-based fermented beverage will work. Simply add 1 tbsp of kombucha, water kefir, milk kefir or jun after grinding (step 2). It could nonetheless be left to ferment for two to three days and cooked following the recipe.

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Fermented millet porridge is a healthy breakfast option


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