How to make fig leaf tea for diabetics

The fig leaf tea is a drink that diabetics can enjoy because it has no sugar. To make the tea, you will need dried fig leaves, water and cinnamon sticks. Place the fig leaves in a pot with enough water to cover

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How to make fig leaf tea for diabetics

fig leaves

After we consider the fig tree instantly we’re reminded of the fleshy, candy and scrumptious fruits, fruits that additionally make it superb for well being.

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However what number of know the therapeutic properties enclosed in fig leaves ?

Extra exactly, I converse of its hypoglycemic properties, or its means to cut back blood sugar, which makes fig leaves an actual pure treatment for the remedy of diabetes .

Let’s discover out its properties collectively ..

Properties of fig leaves

Infusion of fig leaves, a pure anti-diabetic

fig leaves diabetesInfusion of fig leaves is a particularly efficient pure treatment for decreasing blood sugar ranges , which is what in medical parlance known as glycemia .

Now you almost certainly already know what diabetes is and should you have no idea, let me summarize it in just a few strains:

Diabetes is a pathological situation the place blood sugar can attain very excessive ranges because of the impossibility of the pancreas to supply insulin (diabetes 1, autoimmune illness), or as a consequence of a decrease efficacy of the insulin itself to “ferry” glucose inside cells (diabetes 2, metabolic illness).

Because of this, diabetics are prescribed a remedy that entails the injection of artificial insulin and / or using medication to cut back blood sugar.

Now, on condition that the fig leaves have the flexibility to naturally cut back the blood sugar, it’s handy that this straightforward pure treatment could be built-in with these already identified and utilized by science, to higher management diabetes, in addition to to forestall the his look.

Possibly you are considering that it is a weblog hoax, however I assure you that it is an actual piece of stories, the results of latest scientific analysis in vitro, on animal fashions and human volunteers.

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Many of those research have additionally been revealed on Pubmed , the biomedical database accessible totally free on-line.

Listed below are a few of these research:

  1. This analysis carried out on sufferers with diabetes 1 confirmed that the decoction of fig leaves is efficient for decreasing post-prandial glycemic ranges, with a consequent decrease dosage of insulin.
  2. This research of laboratory animals with sort 2 diabetes exhibits that fig leaves exert a big hypoglycaemic impact (cut back blood sugar) and lipid-lowering (cut back blood fat, similar to ldl cholesterol and triglycerides).
  3. Right here is one other research , this time performed on laboratory rats and which exhibits how the fig leaves decoction has an motion just like that of insulin.

Different properties of fig leaves

Fig leaves, taken as infusions or decoctions, even have a diuretic and barely laxative motion .

In addition they assist to quell cough and exert an emmenagogic motion favoring the looks of menstruation.

Latex is efficient in opposition to leeks and warts

Our grandparents knew it nicely, the latex contained within the twigs and fig leaves, is extraordinary for eliminating leeks and warts .

It’s an efficient pure treatment, easy and for free of charge!

The right way to use?

It is quite simple. Simply break a twig of fig and a white latex will come out.

This latex will then be utilized within the amount of 1-2 drops immediately on the wart or on the leek, letting it then soak up, with out rinsing.

This operation ought to be repeated each day, a few times a day, till the wart disappears, or the leek disappears.

Consideration, as a result of the latex has a corrosive and photosensitizing motion (ie will increase the sensitivity of the pores and skin in direction of the solar)! Subsequently it ought to be utilized solely and completely to leek, or to the wart.

In the event you also needs to contact different components of the physique, you’re suggested to redeem them, in any other case danger sunburn and sunburn.


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As soon as the fig latex was additionally used to curdle animal milk.

The right way to put together fig tea infusion

infusion of fig leavesGiven the coriacea consistency of the fig leaves, relatively than the fig leaves infusion, it’s preferable to arrange a decoction .

The decoction is ready on this means :

  1. Add a teaspoon of dried fig leaves and roughly chopped (equal to about 2-3 g) to a saucepan with a amount of water equal to at least one cup.
  2. Put the saucepan to warmth on a fuel range, or electrical and as soon as the water is boiling, simmer for about 10-15 min.
  3. Lastly, flip off the warmth, filter the drink and drink it heat or lukewarm, or alternatively pour it right into a thermos so you’ll be able to drink it throughout the day.

Drink 1 to 2 cups a day of this natural tea.

If you would like you’ll be able to enhance the dosages. To arrange a one-liter natural tea you will have 1 l of boiling water and 4 teaspoons of dried fig leaves.

You can even use recent fig leaves, however on this case you will have a amount of double leaves, in comparison with the dried leaves.

Consideration ! In case you are affected by diabetes and take insulin, seek the advice of your physician earlier than taking the decoction of fig leaves. Because the fig decoction reduces your blood sugar degree, it’s seemingly that because of taking this drink, you can be compelled to cut back the quantity of insulin.

Contraindications of fig leaves

Sure, even the fig leaves can have contraindications.

Initially, if you wish to rent them to maintain your diabetes beneath management, should you take insulin discuss to your physician and hold your blood sugar ranges consistently monitored.

Some individuals are notably illiberal to fig leaves, a lot in order that their pores and skin in touch with the leaves, can develop irritations.

Lastly, it ought to be remembered that fig latex has a caustic and photosensitizing motion, so it shouldn’t be used evenly.

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