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Filipino Fried Chicken is a popular dish in Filipino cuisine. It's fried chicken coated with a mixture of rice flour, salt, pepper, and garlic. The filipino fried chicken recipe is very easy to make and it can be

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How to make filipino fried chicken

Pinoy Style Fried Chicken is one of our Filipino Fried Chicken versions. Pinoy fried chicken is known for its simplicity and delicious taste. This recipe is no exception; it is simple, delicious, and budget friendly.

I used a medium-sized whole chicken for this recipe. I prepared the chicken by cutting it in serving pieces. The seasonings that we need are salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. The details of the ingredients can be found in the recipe below this post.

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Pinoy Style Fried Chicken_

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Simply combine all the seasoning ingredients in a bowl and blend them together using a spoon or by gently shaking the bowl. We will use this as our fried chicken rub. Once the seasoning is combined and blended, we’ll need to rub this all over the chicken pieces. It important that we cover all the chicken pieces with the seasoning so that the chicken will be flavorful.

Pinoy Style Fried Chicken on pan

The chicken slices will need to be placed back in the mixing bowl and refrigerated for over 3 hours; this will let the meat absorb the flavor better. I also used a dry paper towel to dry the chicken before dredging it in flour. We are not trying to cover the chicken with flour. We are using it to absorb excess liquid so that the oil will not splatter when we fry it later on, so less flour will be enough.

Take note that the chicken was flipped twice. This method will cook the chicken well enough without either side being burnt – both sides were fried for 5 minutes (per side), and then the process is repeated and both sides are fried for 4 minutes each.

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Pinoy Style Fried Chicken frying

This is best served with warm white rice and banana ketchup.

Try this Pinoy Style Fried Chicken Recipe. Send us your feedback by commenting below.

Pinoy Style Fried Chicken Recipe

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