How to make fresh dandelion root tea

Dandelion root tea is a common drink that has many health benefits. It can be made in several different ways, but the most popular way is to boil the dandelion roots and let it sit overnight before straining it out of

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How to make fresh dandelion root tea

You’re most likely aware of this iconic harbinger of Spring — the Dandelion. However do you know that underground, this frequent weed accommodates a robust antioxidant, detoxifier, and liver tonic? Dandelion root tea has been proven to cut back most cancers tumors and resolve leukemia in scientific research in Canada. It reduces the physique’s poisonous load permitting the physique’s personal detoxing system to perform optimally, reversing most cancers and different well being points. And you’ve got this miracle herb, dandelion root, rising close to you, simply ready to be harvested and utilized in your day by day tonic dandelion root tea.

Dandelion contains a powerful antioxidant, detoxifier, and liver and kidney tonic? Dandelion root tea has been shown to reduce cancer tumors and resolve leukemia in scientific studies in Canada. It reduces the body's toxic load allowing the body's own detoxification system to function optimally, reversing cancer and other health issues. You have this miracle herb, dandelion root, growing near you, just waiting to be harvested and used in your daily tonic tea. Learn to use this powerhouse for health before it becomes illegal.

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Dandelion root tea

Did you plant dandelions in your herb backyard this 12 months? Neither did I. However I nonetheless have them rising on the pathways, and within the wild areas – anyplace the chickweed didn’t take over first. Within the spring I harvest the younger dandelion greens and unopened flowers to make dandelion tea, so as to add to inexperienced salads, and to stir into steamed spinach greens for only a trace of bitterness. Bitters are good for digestion, I discovered in my Intermediate Natural Course on the Natural Academy of New England. (I really like that course! Thanks for asking. I’ve discovered greater than I ever thought I’d. Extra about that in one other submit.) Dandelions, all bitters actually, help the liver and the gall bladder and encourage correct digestive motion. Dandelion roots additionally stimulate detoxing and help each the liver and the kidneys to optimize their work. It’s a powerhouse of well being that you simply is likely to be overlooking.

Dandelion flowers harvested

The very best time to reap dandelion root tea

When you harvest the younger greens and unopened flowers in spring, the roots ought to be harvested within the fall, after frost, earlier than the winter’s relaxation. There’s some dialogue on whether or not early spring roots or late fall dandelion roots are finest medicinally. There’s a distinction. Dandelion roots harvested in fall are barely sweeter and fewer bitter than dandelion roots harvested within the spring. Each are useful to your liver and bile manufacturing although. The autumn dandelion roots have the next focus of prebiotic inulin, which inspires the nice microbes in your intestine to bloom. Having extra useful microbes in your intestine like lactobacillus improves your immune perform, helps you assume extra clearly, protects you from dangerous microbes like staph, and strep, and even helps you keep a wholesome weight.

dandelion flowers in grass

I like to reap dandelion root tea within the fall as a result of it’s simpler to tug the basis out when the soil is mild after the vegetable harvest is completed. After the winter snow and the early spring thaw, the roots are extra dedicated to their place within the soil and have a tendency to interrupt off, once I pull. So know which you can harvest dandelion roots in both fall or within the early spring earlier than the heavy rosette of leaves kind, however fall is finest.

When you might conceivably harvest them in the midst of summer season, when you wished to, the dandelion roots wouldn’t be as medicinally potent, as a result of the dandelion is placing its power into rising leaves, flowers, and seeds. That power is drawn from the basis. As soon as the fluffy dandelion clocks (the seeds) are blown away by the wind, the dandelion attracts within the solar’s power by means of the leaves (photosynthesis) and replenishes the power within the root, settling in for an extended winter of dormancy. So when you’ve got the persistence, wait till after the primary few touches of frost earlier than you head out to the backyard along with your backyard fork.

Dandelion with a bee

Tips on how to harvest dandelion roots

Should you can wait till a couple of days after the rain, the soil shall be extra cooperative to your pulling the entire dandelion root up in a single piece. If a chunk of the basis breaks off, the dandelion will come again within the spring – so there’s no downside when you lose a little bit of the dandelion root.

You should use a digging fork and push it into the soil two or three inches away from the crown of the dandelion after which pull again on the fork, utilizing the fork as a lever to elevate the dandelion, root and all from the soil. Alternatively, when you’ve got a spike or a heavy stick, you’ll be able to poke it into the bottom proper beside the basis, on the crown of the dandelion, and wiggle it a bit to loosen the soil. Then pull up on the dandelion leaves along with your fingers. The dandelion will come out of the soil with the basis intact.

Tips on how to put together the dandelion roots for tea

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Take your dandelion roots, whereas nonetheless within the backyard and shake off as a lot backyard soil as doable. Use your pruning shears or a pointy knife and minimize the lengthy, inexperienced dandelion leaves from the bottom of the basis. These might be washed and dried until crisp, and crumbled into salads and soups through the winter so as to add their bitterness and their diet. The leaves may also be tinctured with different bitters as a digestive support. Or you’ll be able to feed them to your chickens and goats. They love them, too. You will discover extra dandelion recipes right here.

Rinse the dandelion roots below cool water. Use a tender brush to scrub the filth off the roots. They may grow to be fairly white with a nobby nature. They’ve the feel of a parsnip.

dandelion root

Slice the dandelion roots into 1/4 inch slices. Take the bigger coined slices and quarter them so that each one the slices are uniformly the identical dimension. Dry the dandelion roots with some warmth, from a dehydrator or in an oven, till exhausting and crisp. They are often cooled as soon as they’re very exhausting. Retailer in a glass jar, and label. The correctly dried roots will hold for a 12 months or extra when you hold them in a cool, dry place.

dandelion root chopped up

Tips on how to make dandelion root tea

Dandelion root tea is a nourishing diuretic tea, that helps the liver, and helps your physique detoxify. It’s been used for hundreds of years by conventional medication makers for liver and kidney well being. Dandelion root tea might even treatment most cancers. That premise is being studied on the College of Windsor. See my references beneath for extra details about these thrilling, evidence-based investigations. To make dandelion root tea, break the dandelion root in a mortar till it’s chunky, and the dimensions of lentils. Dandelion root tea is a decoction slightly than an infusion. You must simmer the basis in a pan on the range in water for about quarter-hour. Permit the decoction to settle, after which pressure it into your cup. These enamelled forged iron teapots can maintain the decoction and pressure it in a single effort. They arrive with a mesh strainer that’s good for wonderful teas and natural cures. I take advantage of mine to make all my tea — each natural and camellia — each infusions and decoctions.

In case your forged iron teapot has an enamel lining, nonetheless, don’t apply it to the stovetop. These sorts of teapots ought to solely be used to steep tea, to not simmer the decoction on the stovetop. You’ll be able to inform when you’ve got an unlined or a lined forged iron teapot as a result of the enamel lined teapots have a easy, shiny floor. The forged iron teapots have a matte end that normally doesn’t replicate a lot mild. It’s secure to make use of the non-enamelled tetsubin on the stovetop to simmer the decoction over low warmth.

Instructions for dandelion root tea/decoction

Add 2 cups of water, to 2 tsp of herb. Simmer for quarter-hour. Shut off the warmth. Permit the combination to settle within the pan. Stain and pour right into a cup. Should you make additional, retailer the rest within the fridge and eat it inside 24 hours.

Research on the College of Windsor present dandelion root tea efficient towards a number of drug resistant cancers, together with melanoma and leukemia. Scientific trials are in section 1 on the College of Winsor with sufferers exhibiting remission with simply 3 cups of dandelion tea per day. (See the references beneath for extra data).

Herbal Tea is a bedtime ritual that can help with insomnia and promote relaxation before bed. What herbs to include, though, can be problematic. Not all herbs work the same way for everyone.

Doesn’t it make sense although, since dandelion root tea helps your liver and kidneys? These are the 2 organs accountable for coping with waste and toxins in your physique. And one of the best a part of this “discovery” is that dandelion root tea didn’t hurt any regular cells – meals doesn’t normally trigger hurt to regular cells. Dandelion root tea is a meals, a meals that’s accessible free the place you reside. In actual fact, dandelions are pervasive and appear to observe human habitation. Have you ever seen that the herbs we’d like most might be discovered near the place we live? God deliberate it that manner, I believe.

Once we first moved to our 140-acre mountain paradise, in zone 3, there have been no dandelions. Significantly, I seemed and I couldn’t discover a single one. I by no means planted them. However right here we’re 12 years later and each backyard and pasture are closely blessed with dandelions. I’m not complaining. I really like crops that don’t have to be babied to outlive.

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So get out to the backyard and harvest some dandelion root tea from your individual backyard and drink the advantages.

Dandelion contains a powerful antioxidant, detoxifier, and liver and kidney tonic? Dandelion root tea has been shown to reduce cancer tumors and resolve leukemia in scientific studies in Canada. It reduces the body's toxic load allowing the body's own detoxification system to function optimally, reversing cancer and other health issues. You have this miracle herb, dandelion root, growing near you, just waiting to be harvested and used in your daily tonic tea. Learn to use this powerhouse for health before it becomes illegal.

However I don’t have a backyard

What when you don’t have your individual backyard? Don’t harvest medicinal roots close to roadways or anyplace that’s been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. Most metropolis parks, roadways, and public buildings shall be suspect except your metropolis has put in place a no-spray by-law. Should you can’t discover some dandelion root tea rising close to you, you’ll be able to order it on-line from Mountain Rose Herbs, my favorite supply of natural teas.


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Disclaimer: That is and all articles on this web site are for instructional and data functions solely. Please seek the advice of your medical skilled for analysis and therapy of all medical signs. This text doesn’t exchange the care of your individual doctor who is aware of your case personally. Thanks.


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