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A few years ago, I was introduced to fried apple pies by my friend. I loved them and they were a hit at my annual Thanksgiving dinner. The first time I tried making them myself, it took me several tries before they came out

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How to make fried apples pies

Happy First Day of Fall!

In true Cara fashion, I couldn’t resist but to share one of my favorite classic Fall desserts with you today- Fried Apple Pies!

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But not just any plain ol’ fried apple pies recipe, THE BEST fried apple pies recipe made completely homemade from scratch.

Because, just like my 3-Ingredient Biscuits, Easy Poptarts, and Best EVER Chocolate Chip Cookies, some things are just better made homemade!

When it comes to these fried apple pies, I truly believe that you don’t want to cut any corners by using canned biscuits or pre-made pastry dough.

These homemade, old-fashioned, Amish-style fried apple pies feature a tender, flaky, buttery, made-from-scratch pie crust, a cinnamon sugar apple pie filling, and a sweet powdered sugar glaze that looks similar to Mcdonald’s fried apple pies, but are WAY better.

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These fried apple pies are insanely delicious, and best of all they’re SUPER easy to make!


Homemade Fried Apple Pies Recipe

My old fashioned fried apple pies have three main components – a buttery pie crust that’s made from scratch, a perfectly sweet/tart apple pie filling, and a powdered sugar glaze that makes these pies delicious and beautiful!

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What is the easiest way to fry these fried apple hand pies?

There’s a couple different ways you can make these fried apple hand pies, but I’ve personally found the two easiest methods are to use either a deep cast iron pot like this or a deep fryer.

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If you’re short on space or don’t deep fry a lot, go with a dutch oven pot, but if you frequently deep fry foods, this 4-quart deep fryer is the best!

Both of these methods will help you achieve perfectly golden, flaky, and delicious fried apple pies.


Hope you enjoyed today’s recipe for my Homemade Fried Apple Pies! Have you ever made fried apple hand pies from scratch? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by! – Cara

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