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Fried brown rice is a healthy alternative to fried white rice. It can be made with any type of grain, but the most popular are brown rice and quinoa. Brown rice is cooked in water or broth, while quinoa is usually

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How to make fried brown rice

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been attempting to replace things like white bread with whole grain bread, white rice with brown rice, chocolate with apples.

Ok, so that last one wasn’t true, but I have been trying to incorporate more brown rice with our meals. My family, is not a huge fan of brown rice. I used to make two cups of white rice for one meal and my family would eat the whole pot. Now I make 1 cup of brown rice and there are leftovers.

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I decided to turn my leftover brown rice into something new and exciting. So I whipped up this Quick and Easy Brown Fried Rice!

Quick and Easy Brown Fried Rice

Surprise, surprise, my family LOVED it. In fact, they didn’t even know that they were eating the dreaded brown rice. The nutty flavor and firmer texture of the brown rice absorbed all the bold Asian flavors of this one pot meal, and they loved every last bite.

This would make a great side dish for your Asian meal or you can add a little chicken, shrimp, pork, beef or even tofu to make it a complete meal!

Quick and Easy Brown Fried Rice

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I used some frozen peas and carrots to make it even easier to throw together.

You can definitely add more vegetables to your liking – red bell pepper, bean sprouts, corn kernels, edemame, etc. A classic fried rice to me always includes some scrambled eggs, but if you’re not into that then just leave it out. No harm done.

Quick and Easy Brown Fried Rice

While we’re on the topic of my family not fully supporting my healthy eating quest…

I’m fully convinced my children are on their own personal quest to not let me get one peaceful nights sleep. Every time I’m so extremely exhausted from staying up late to finish the last episode of Downton Abby, or with bloodshot eyes because I just HAD to watch the last skit on SNL, without fail – as soon as my head hits the pillow one of my four children decides it’s the perfect time to wake up and start crying.

Then, once I finally get the crying child back to sleep, I think I’m in the clear and go back to sleep.

Only to be woken up 1.37 hours later by another crying child.

Quick and Easy Brown Fried Rice

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They’re wearing me down. Slowly but surely.

That’s why I left them at home with Dad for the rest of the week and took off to Las Vegas with some friends. Although, I doubt I’ll be getting much more sleep…

Quick and Easy Brown Fried Rice

Don’t worry, I left them with a big batch of this Quick and Easy Brown Fried Rice along with a few other goodies.

Good luck, husband. Good luck.

Quick and Easy Brown Fried Rice

You’re going to love this quick and easy (one pot) Brown Fried Rice. It comes together in no time!

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