how to make fried dumplings with flour | Family Cuisine

Fried dumplings are a classic Chinese dish that is made with flour and water. The dough is then cut into small pieces, rolled out flat, and filled with vegetables or meat before being fried in oil until they turn golden brown.
how to make fried dumplings with flour | Family Cuisine

So you love Jamaican fried dumpling and want to learn how to make it? You will be surprised how simple and easy fried dumpling is to make. Just three ingredients!

Jamaican fried dumpling recipe
Fried Dumpling

Fried Dumplings

Everyone loves a good fried dumpling. The golden crust on the outside and the soft bread like texture on the inside, mmhh.

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Fried dumpling make a great snack you can have for breakfast, apart of your lunch or dinner. I love dumpling so I have to share this recipe.

What You Need

Yes, just three simple ingredients! Can you believe that? All you need is plain flour, salt and baking powder.

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Sometimes I switch things up a bit and add a few more ingredients. Whenever I am making fried dumplings to have with eggs or making it for my niece and nephew, I would add a little sugar or cornmeal. And instead of making the dumpling round, I make them flat.

How To Make Jamaican Fried Dumpling

fried dumpling direction

Making Jamaican fried dumpling from scratch is very simple. After mixing the dry ingredients together, add water and knead to make the soft dumpling dough. Roll the dough in the palm of your hands to form a ball, then fry. It is that simple!

What To Eat It With?

The great thing about fried dumpling is that it goes with just about anything and at anytime of the day.

The most popular dishes to serve fried dumpling with are callaloo, ackee or cabbage. I personally love fried dumpling with scrambled egg or just eating it on its own.

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