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Fried lobster is a delicacy in the United States. It has been known to be served with French fries, coleslaw, and tartar sauce.

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How to make fried lobster

Fried Lobster Tail is a decadent dinner made with large lobster tails smothered with a buttery garlic herb sauce then deep fried making these lobster tails tender and juicy. The ultimate satisfaction!

fried lobster

The Best Lobster Tail Recipe

Once you learn how to cook lobster tail, you’ll want to make it all of the time. It’s so easy and so delicious! Lobster tails are great served with Green Beans, Creamist Mashed Potatoes or our very best Macaroni and Cheese.

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How to Buy Lobster

This is important! If you want the best fried lobster tails, you will have to start with great lobster that is not overpriced. It is best to buy cold water lobster, this helps to avoid tails that are soaked in sodium tripolyphosphate. This will ensure that the lobster does not taste like ammonia. A few things to look out for when buying lobster.

1. Make sure that it is not discolored on the meat.

2. When cooking it will turn out mushy and sometimes flavorless.

3. Avoid tails soaked in sodium tripolyphosphate.

These are great things to look for when purchasing high end seafood.

How to Butterfly a Lobster Tail

• Shell-side up, point lobster tail away from you.

• Take your kitchen scissors, and start at the center of the shell, and cut toward the end of the tail, cutting the shell and the top of the lobster meat. Stop cutting when you hit the end of the tail.

fried lobster

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• Flip the tail over and using your thumbs, press down on the center of the tail. This is called cracking the ribs on the back on the lobster.

• Flip over and carefully insert your thumb between the shell and the meat, and loosen the meat, detaching it from the sides. Be careful so you don’t cut your fingers on the sharp shell.

fried lobster

• Loosen the sides, but leave the meat attached to the base of the shell. Lift the meat up and out of the shell, and set it on top of the shell, while keeping it attached to the base.

Now it should look pretty, restaurant style and you can move forward with the cooking of the lobster.

fried lobster

How to Cook Lobster:

This recipe is so easy, I can’t stress it enough! Lobster tails can be intimidating being that it’s no secret that they’re pretty expensive and not too many people know how to get around the shell on top but I am here to tell you they are easy and make a holiday or dinner turn into an extra special night. Most ingredients you already have at home!

Clean: Start off by rinsing the lobster tails with cold water and alittle lemon to wash off any debris.

fried lobster

Prepare: Preheat stove top 365F. Start by preparing the lobster. Using kitchen shears butterfly the tail by cutting down the center. Loosen the meat and pull the lobster meat upward.

fried lobster

Create flour mixture:In a large bowl, add all-purpose flour, cornmeal, salt, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, all-purpose seasoning, old bay and set aside.

fried lobster

Wet batter: Next, in a medium size bowl add milk, egg and old bay.

fried lobster

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Season: Lightly season the lobster with yellow mustard. This helps create a nice crispy golden color after fried.

fried lobster

Coat and Fry: Start off coating the lobster in first the flour mixture, then wet mixture and back into the flour mixture again.

fried lobster

Fry for 4-5 minutes and enjoy!

fried lobster

After preparing your lobster tails, you will make a butter garlic herb that will be poured over each of the meats sticking out. This is the best part in keeping the lobster nice and juicy! It truly just melts in your mouth leaving you speechless.

fried lobster

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