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Fried Lumpia is a Filipino dish made with flour, egg, water, and spices. It can be served in various ways including in a taco shell or wrapped in pandesal bread.

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How to make fried lumpia

Lumpia or Filipino fried spring rolls on a plate with lumpia sauce, ready to be served.

Almost every country in Asia has its own interpretation of spring rolls, or egg rolls in the United States. In the Philippines, spring rolls are called lumpia.

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In this lumpia recipe, Marvin, a native Filipino who blogs at Burnt Lumpia will explain different types of lumpia and share lumpiang Shanghai recipe with us.

Top down picture of lumpiang Shanghai with lumpia sauce.

What is a Lumpia?

Many people wonder what does lumpia mean? Lumpia is a Filipino word and it comes from the Chinese spring roll, with veggies (like cabbage and carrots), meats (usually pork), and/or seafood (sometimes shrimp) as the filling.

Fried lumpia, ready to serve.

Different Types of Lumpia

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There are many types of lumpia, here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Lumpiang Sariwa refers to “fresh” lumpia with veggies and meat as the filling. You use a thin homemade crepe, instead of spring roll wrappers to wrap them.
  • Lumpiang Hubad (naked lumpia) is made without a wrapper.
  • Lumpiang Prito is Filipino fried spring roll with meat and a variety of vegetables as the filling.

Lumpiang Shanghai with ground pork and vegetable filling, deep-fried and ready to serve.

How to Make Lumpia?

Below is the recipe for Lumpiang Shanghai with vegetables and ground pork as the filling. For serving, you dip them into Chinese sweet and sour sauce.

Lumpiang Shanghai are also thinner and smaller than its other fried counterparts. Lumpiang Shanghai are very easy to make as you just roll them up. They are perfect finger foods for parties!

A lumpia dipped into a small bowl of lumpia sauce.

Difference Between Lumpia and Egg Rolls

Lumpia is the Filipino version of fried spring rolls. Egg rolls are American version of Chinese spring rolls. Both share the same origin but they taste and look different, with egg rolls being bigger and “fatter” in shape.

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Rolled lumpia wrapped with lumpia wrapper, ready for deep-frying.

Can You Freeze Lumpia?

Yes, you can make lumpia ahead of time and freeze them in the refrigerator. In case you are wondering how long does frozen lumpia last? The answer is a long time. You can freeze them for months in the freezer without going bad.

Just make sure that you thaw them to room temperature before deep-frying.

Lumpia filled with lumpia filling, and dipped into sweet and sour lumpia sauce.

How Many Calories Per Serving?

Each roll is only 65 calories.

What Dishes to Serve with this Recipe?

For a classic Filipino meal, I recommend the following recipes.

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