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How to Make Fried Onions for Biryani

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How to make fried onions for biryani

If you order for biryani, whether it is mutton biryani or chicken biryani. When the biryani comes in front of you the first thing you observe is biryani peeping behind the brown onion. This brown onion adds beauty to the biryani recipe. As well as when you put biryani along with brown onion in your mouth, it offers a wonderful, crispy and sweet taste.

Brown Onions is not only modulated in the Biryani recipe only. It is also a part of a variety of Korma recipes too. Restaurants usually use Brown Onions to quickly prepare curry recipes. You can prepare gravy easily and quickly by using it instead of frying onions during the preparation of your curry.

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You may think that preparing the brown onion is hard, but it is not at all so. The preparation of brown onion is as easy as preparing ginger and garlic paste at home. The only thing is – you have to put vital attention while frying onions. And take care of perfect timing during the preparation of this recipe. It takes a little extra time to prepare brown onions, but you can easily invest this time for its wonderful taste. Since preparing this recipe is time taking. Thus I will recommend you, prepare this recipe in the big lot. The best part of this recipe is that you can store it sealed glass jar or plastic wrap for about a year in the refrigerator.

Brown Onion Recipe

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Onions have their own sweet taste as there is plenty of sugar in it. While making brown onion recipe, we have to fry it as much that the sugar inside the onions come out to its surface and then gets caramelized on top. This caramelized sugar on the surface gives onions brown texture and crispness.

So let’s start preparing this easy recipe of crispy brown onions step by step.

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