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Fried Pickles with Coconut Flour: a tasty, gluten free and paleo-friendly snack.

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How to make fried pickles with coconut flour

These Low Carb Fried Pickles are the perfect crispy keto snack! Whip up these air fryer pickles in less than 20 minutes.

three quarter view of low carb fried pickles on a plate with homemade ranch

Is there anything better than dunking a fried pickle in some ranch at a bar? Perhaps making air fryer fried pickle sat home!

Probably the only thing better than enjoying this classic bar snack in a sports bar is enjoying it in the comfort of your own home. I don’t know about all of you, but during football season I would much rather be curled up on my own couch enjoying some keto fried pickles.

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These fried pickles are so easy to make at home either in your air fryer. If you aren’t interested in an air fryer recipe, you can make them in the oven. Just grab a baking sheet with wire rack and cook them on convection.

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To make these air fried pickles keto friendly I used some pork panko in place of panko breadcrumbs. The crumb mixture is so crispy and flavorful that I promise you won’t even know they’re low carb!

above view of air fryer fried pickles on a air fryer tray

What kitchen tools will I need to make these Low Carb Fried Pickles?

  • Measuring spoons and measuring cups
  • Shallow bowls for breading
  • Air fryer or oven
  • Baking sheet with wire rack (if using the oven)
side view of a hand holding a low carb fried pickle dipping into ranch surrounded by air fryer pickles

What ingredients will I need to make fried pickles in air fryer?

  • Dill pickle slices – my favorite are Grillo’s brand pickle chips
  • Eggs
  • Coconut flour
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic Powder
  • Pork rinds ground in a food processor or blender OR Pork Panko
  • Cooking spray for air fryer basket
close up view of fried pickles in air fryer dipped in some homemade ranch

How to make Low Carb Fried Pickles

Step 1: Set up your breading station

First, scramble two eggs in a shallow bowl. Then, in a separate shallow bowl combine coconut flour, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Next, add your ground pork rinds or Pork Panko to a third shallow bowl.

Step 2: Bread the pickles

Then, drain the juice from the dill pickle chips and bread each one individually.

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Bread each pickle by dipping in the coconut flour mixture, then the egg mixture, and finally the pork rinds.

Step 3: Air Fry or Bake!

Finally, arrange your breaded pickles on the air fryer tray or a baking sheet with a wire rack in a single layer. Spray the air fryer basket with a little cooking spray for ensure your friend pickles do not stick.

Bake in the oven or air fryer for 5 or 10 minutes respectively.

What sauce should I dip my air fryer fried pickles in?

  • Ranch Dressing – I have a recipe for a healthy homemade ranch
  • Chipotle Ranch Dressing – Similar to my homemade ranch, but with some added smoke and spice
  • Buffalo Ranch – Just like the name says this dip is the perfect blend of buffalo sauce and ranch dressing
above view of air fryer pickles on a plate with homemade ranch dressing

How should we serve these air fryer pickles?

This recipe is best served HOT. If you cannot serve them right after you make them, then I recommend reheating in an oven or air fryer. Do not microwave to reheat. You will be left with soggy pickles and no one likes that.

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You can find the full recipe below. If you make this recipe, please rate and review it in the comments, or share it with me on Instagram!

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