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Fried plantain chips are a delicious side dish that can be made with just one ingredient: plantains. The best way to make them is by cutting the plantain into thin slices, then frying it in oil until golden brown.

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How to make fried plantain chips

Chifles are thinly sliced fried green plantain chips. While we call them chifles in Ecuador, these yummy plantain chips are also known as mariquitas, chicharitas, platanutres or platanainas, depending on the Latin American country or region.

Chifles or plantain chips

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These days it is now very easy to find the chifle style plantain chips in stores in the US (and even Europe – last summer I found them at Carrefour in France). But like many food dishes, the homemade version is so much better.


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Chifles or thin green plantain/banana chips

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Chifles are a great garnish for ceviches. These chips can also be served as an appetizer or snack with sauces, try the tomato and onion curtido or aji criollo hot sauce, and cold beer. There is even a brand of packaged chifles in Ecuador called chifles cerveceros (with a yummy spicy version). There is something about the weather getting warmer that makes me crave traditional South American street food, it must be just being able to spend more time outside. It is very typical to have people selling these plantain chips in small bags right outside of schools and different events. They are usually drizzled with a salsa rosada – very similar to one for salchipapas.

Ecuadorian street food stand selling chifles

In Ecuador these fried chips are sometimes made with green bananas, especially at home when you might have some green bananas around (or growing on a plant in the yard). Most chifles that are sold by street vendors, restaurants or in stores are usually made with green plantains – they are more solid and easier to slice than green bananas. The homemade factor of the green banana chilfes are one of the reasons I probably associate that style of chips with a comfort food. Either way chifles are delicious when made fresh.

Chifles with tomato and onion salsa

It is probably easier for most of us who live outside of Latin America to make these with green plantains since green bananas can be hard to find. I am able to find them occasionally and when I do I grab as many as I can get and make chifles, as well as a soup called arvejas con guineo and another soup called repe. It’s funny but I consider ripe bananas to be fruit and green bananas as vegetables. There is a subtle taste difference the two types of chifles, the banana ones have a much more smooth and delicate flavor, while the plantains ones have a stronger chippy flavor, also the color is different, both raw and cooked, the plantains are darker and the green bananas have a more pale color.

Another difference is the consistency, the green bananas are very sticky and not as easy to handle, so overall chifles or chips made with green plantains are easier to find and make, but if you do ever find some very green bananas try it and you will taste the difference. If you become a chifle fan and want to try different variations, you can add hot peppers or garlic to the oil to infuse that flavor into the chips.

Step by step photos for making chifles or thin green plantain chips:

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Use a mandoline slicer to slice very thin plantain chips

Green bananas for chips Green banana and green plantain

Sliced green bananas Sliced green plantains

Chifle preparation Chifle preparation

Green plantain chifles Green banana chifles

Chifles or chips made from green plantains Chifles made with green bananas

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