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The process of making fried potatoes and sausage is a long, arduous one. It requires the slow cooking of potatoes in hot oil to produce crispy browned edges, followed by the grinding of meat into a coarse mixture before frying it with the

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How to make fried potatoes and sausage

Pan-fried sausage and potatoes is an easy one-pan meal made with only a handful of ingredients. Pesto adds a delicious herby parmesan flavor to this skillet!

pesto sausage and potatoes skillet

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This sausage and potatoes skillet is a simple and rustic comfort food meal. There’s nothing fancy about it, but sometimes you just want some fried potatoes and sausage.

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This type of dish is right up my husband’s alley, and he loooved it. I packed it up for his work lunches, and he told me that he was trying to figure out what exactly I put in it to make it taste so good. I told him I used jarred pesto! So, the pesto flavor in here isn’t overwhelming. You can always add more, but I wanted to add just enough to give it an extra little something-something.

The key thing about this recipe is to boil the potatoes first. I didn’t want this step to be a total inconvenience, so I figured out a way that this can be done in the same skillet that’s used to fry everything up.

pan-fried sausage and potatoes close-up (in a bowl)

Recipe notes & tips:

  • I recommend using a fairly large and deep skillet if you have one. My 10.25″ Le Creuset skillet was a bit cramped (I did 1.5 pounds of potatoes for the photos, but I think 1 pound will work better, so that’s what I have suggested for the recipe).
  • I bought a Ukrainian smoked sausage for this recipe (the kind that comes in plastic packaging in a coil shape). I think most grocery stores sell them or something similar. It’s already cooked, and it slices easily (it doesn’t have to be Ukrainian). The sausage I bought wasn’t particularly fatty, but if yours happens to be, be sure to drain some of the fat from the skillet if there’s an excessive amount.
  • I used potatoes from The Little Potato Company (their Boomer Gold yellow creamer potatoes). If you can’t find those where you live, try baby Yukon Gold potatoes. You can use regular potatoes too, you just may need to adjust cooking time a bit if you cut them into bigger/smaller pieces.
  • I used DeLallo pesto. Full disclosure: I do work with them, and I had some leftover from a shipment they sent me. This post isn’t sponsored, however. I just really like their products including the pesto.
  • I use cooking tongs to turn the potatoes quickly and easily.
  • Frying can get a bit messy, so I recommend using a splatter guard to make clean-up faster.
  • Feel free to throw in a few veggies if you want to. Bell peppers would work (I’ve seen similar recipes add them, and sausage and peppers go so well together in general).

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close-up of sausage and potatoes

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fried potatoes and smoked sausage in two bowls

Made this sausage and potatoes recipe? Questions? Talk to me in the comments below!

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