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Fried Twinkies are a delicacy, and for some reason they're not as popular as they used to be. The recipe is simple: Take a box of cake mix (or make your own), add in some cream cheese,

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How to make fried twinkies

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Deep-Fried Twinkies are a crowd favorite at the State Fair and they are a favorite at our house as well. Crispy fried on the outside and gooey on the inside. Sweet! You’ll be surprised to see how easy they are to make at home.

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Deep Fried Twinkies

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Deep Fried Twinkies

Key to Success #1 – Consistent Oil Temperature

The key to good fried food is getting the oil the proper frying temperature – 365 degrees F.

The best way to really do this is to use a food-grade thermometer.

I use a candy/oil thermometer that clips to the pot.

This particular thermometer also has a frame built into it that will keep the thermometer bulb away from the bottom of the pot so that you can get an accurate reading. So easy.

I like to use a heavy dutch oven for deep frying.

The one I have is cast iron coated with enamel so it’s plenty heavy and retains heat well.

Preheat your oil over medium-high heat until it’s 365 degrees F.

Once your oil reaches temperature, you’re ready to fry.

But don’t forget to keep an eye on your oil temperature.

You may need to adjust the heat on the stove to keep the stove at the proper temperature.

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Don’t just think you can hit the number and then you’re done.

Deep Fried Twinkies

Key to Success #2 – Dip But Do It Carefully

This batter does a great job of sticking to the Twinkies but it also likes to stick to fingers or forks or anything else you use to lower the Twinkie into the hot oil.

Obviously, it won’t affect the taste of your yummy snack but it won’t look uber pretty.

The trick is to use a fork to lift the Twinkie out of the bowl of batter then gently roll it off the fork into the hot oil.

Don’t pierce the Twinkie with the fork, just set it on the tines of the fork.

If you have a large BBQ fork, those are perfect for these Deep-Fried Twinkies.

These forks are sturdy and the tines are a great shape to use to drop the Twinkies into the hot oil.

Deep Fried Twinkies

Key to Success #3 – Watch For Golden

Once you put the batter-covered Twinkies into the hot oil, they should float to the top after a few seconds.

This is when you need to start watching them closely to see if the bottoms are starting to get golden brown.

Once the bottoms start to brown, use your BBQ fork or a slotted spoon to flip the Twinkies over.

Once it’s brown on the other side, it’s ready to be removed from the oil and place on a paper towel-covered plate.

While they are still hot, sprinkle the Twinkies liberally with powdered sugar.

I use a sugar shaker to dust the powdered sugar on top of the Deep Fried Twinkies. It works great.

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I store a bit of powdered sugar in this little cup and just pull it out when I have something that needs dusting. Super easy!

Deep Fried Twinkies

This same batter can be used to make funnel cakes or deep fry just about anything your mind can imagine.

Deep-Fried Oreos? Deep-Fried Butter Balls? Deep-Fried Snickers? Twix? Nutella?


Tell us what you deep-fried in the comments!

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