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To make garlic butter sauce for seafood boil, add a tablespoon of butter to a pan and melt on medium-low heat. Add minced garlic and cook until fragrant (about 1 minute). Pour in clam juice or fish stock and bring to

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How to make garlic butter sauce for seafood boil

Garlic butter seafood boil with delicious sauce recipe. Add this spicy sauce to your favorite seafood boil, and use some on the side to dip the yumminess in!

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garlic butter seafood boil

Living in Houston for so many years, I realized how big of a deal crawfish season is! Any and every chance Houstonians get, they have a crawfish boil, or attend a crawfish boil.

There is something so magical about the opportunity to fellowship around a huge pot of seafood, a cold beverage, and good friends or family! Well this seafood boil provides that same opportunity!

garlic butter seafood boil

Hands down the best seafood garlic butter sauce I’ve made and tried! I wish I had a picture of it but it looked so good that I instantly had to dig in! Will definitely be using again when I’m in the mood for snow crab legs which is usually once a month! A must try for all my seafood lovers out there!

Crab legs are just as amazing as crawfish, (and in my opinion, better)! This post isn’t to debate that theory though. One of the best parts about seafood is that it takes on the flavors of spices that are used.

Collect ingredients for the Seafood Boil:

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Collect all of the items you need before you get started. It makes cooking so much easier! Here is what you will need:

  • Seafood: crab legs, shrimp, and any other seafood you like.
  • Sausage: feel free to omit this ingredient if you are not a fan. Beef sausage was used for this recipe. Some of my audience have used chicken sausage, and even meatless sausage as a substitute.
  • Potatoes: red potatoes are best because they hold-up and do not get so mushy. Regular (russet) potatoes can be used if that’s what you have. Just cut the boil/cooking time a bit because they will get mushy.
  • Corn on the cob- frozen works just fine. Fresh corn on the cob can be used as well. Although you do not have to, you can cut it in half for more servings.
  • Optional additions: boiled eggs- don’t knock-it until you try it! Some people have sent me pictures of broccoli, and other veggies that they have added. I love it, get creative and make what you like!

Can I use an oven steamer bag?

Yes! In fact, I have made my seafood boil this way a few times and it is AMAZING! Make sure you buy the plastic bags that are made for the oven.

Cook the sauce as directed in the recipe card below. Reserve a bit of sauce for dipping if you’d like. Add the seafood and the vegetables to the bag and pour the sauce all over the top.

garlic butter seafood boil

Things to keep in mind:

The potatoes will take longer to cook, so you may want to cook them separately. Shrimp cooks SUPER fast, and if you cook it too long, it will be mushy or rubbery. So again, cook it separately, or add it to the bag later.

When I use the oven bags, I cook the crab legs, corn, and shrimp for about 20-30 minutes. It came out perfect, and nothing was overcooked. Potatoes and anything else I add to the boil are cooked separately.

garlic butter seafood boil

Why do all of these seafood boils look different?

All of these photos are a bit different because we make it A LOT around here. Each time we make it, it’s a little different. Don’t worry- the recipe I shared below is THE BEST hands down.

However, I truly encourage you to substitute, or add too as you see fit. If you and your family don’t like spicy- omit some of the seasoning. Utilize what you have on hand. Be creative!

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NOTE: the green stuff you see on top in some of the photos are Parsley Flakes. It’s really just an aesthetic touch to make it look extra delicious!

garlic butter seafood boil

Can I use frozen seafood?

Yes! Most of the time, I purchase frozen shrimp and crab legs. Sometimes- it’s cheaper, or just easier to find. Most frozen seafood is fully cooked, and then frozen.

Keep that in mind and adjust cooking times accordingly. If it is pre-cooked, cut the cooking time by 5-10 minutes. Try to get the jumbo shrimp w/ shell on if you’re buying frozen. It tends to stay juicy and plump!

Garlic butter seafood boil
Garlic Butter Seafood Boil

This recipe for the Garlic Butter Seafood sauce is amazing!

You will love it! Make it super spicy, or not so spicy by adjusting your cayenne and red pepper flakes. You MUST add the Old Bay seasoning though, it gives it that amazing tangy flavor that pairs beautifully with your seafood.

You will need a large stock pot to cook everything in, and then it’s on and poppin’! Trust me, you haven’t experienced seafood until you add this sauce!!

There’s nothing like cracking that shell open in the right spot and pulling out the WHOLE, juicy piece of crab meat. Then when you add in your corn-on-the-cob, sausage, and shrimp, it’s a whole meal!

Now that my mouth is watering…. enjoy this recipe!

~Tamara J.

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I would love to see your creation, and give you a shoutout!

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