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Garlic sauce is a great way to add flavor and depth to your favorite dishes. It can be used in any dish that you would normally use butter or oil, so it's perfect for surf and turf. Here are some steps on how

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How to make garlic sauce for surf and turf

Surf and turf or surf ‘n’ turf is a main course that combines seafood such as prawns, lobster or scallops with red meat typically beef or lamb where either or can be steamed, grilled, breaded and fried. It can sometimes be served with a gravy on the side.

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Most of the times, simpler things are better take this dish for example, just by the looks of it you may think it was prepared in a professional kitchen but trust me this is all homemade and its quite easy to prepare, easier than stews and stir fries, in fact you just need 15 minutes and it’s all ready. Last week there was a massive sale of rib eye in most of the supermarkets, probably there was an oversupply. Usually a kilogram of this cut will run you around NZ$35.00 at a minimum but last week they were NZ$22.00, that was a steal specially with New Zealand beef which is known for their quality. I grabbed at least three kilos of this and freeze it until I am ready to use them. Today was one of the days I felt like having them, so I grabbed four pieces to prepare our lovely dinner.

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Talking about beef, do you know that New Zealand perhaps produces the best beef in the world. Here we can enjoy the juiciest steaks and tastiest ribs, that is why it is one of our best exports and it’s a sought-after animal product in most parts of the world. I can attest to that as we had lived in several counties and had visited a lot where on all of them had tried their local beef. New Zealand beef is simply incomparable to most beef in the world apart from the Japanese Kobe off course, but if we just compare the regular beef breed then I am sure New Zealand holds the throne. It may be the grass, water and clean environment combined, so we are blessed to be having these meats very accessible and reasonably priced to us. Now going back to our recipe which we definitely had used New Zealand beef, a well marbled rib eye with large prawns and creamy garlic sauce, all sourced locally using the freshest and best ingredients, resulting to this affordable luxurious meal that is so tasty, juicy and very delicious.


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