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This is a recipe for ginger teriyaki sauce. It's one of my favorite sauces to use when I'm cooking chicken or beef, and it's also delicious on vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. The sauce can be made ahead of

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How to make ginger teriyaki sauce

Teriyaki Sauce is a delicious accompaniment to many Asian inspired dishes, but it’s so loaded with sweeteners or preservatives in standard grocery store shelves, I’ve had trouble buying it for years after reading disappointing nutritional and ingredient labels. Making your own teriyaki sauce is really quite simple and once you’ve made it from scratch, you’ll be much happier serving it knowing you’re eliminating all the extra added junk. The taste of the homemade stuff really trumps the bottled stuff anyway!

Ginger Teriyaki Sauce with ginger and chop sticks

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My Teriyaki Take

I’m not claiming to mimic a traditional teriyaki sauce, I’m just trying to make a familiar Asian-like sauce that is healthier than a lot of store bought teriyaki sauces without the excess sugar and sodium. Adding bold flavor, like a bit more fresh grated ginger (not powdered) can please many palates. Even my kids who of course would love a good sugar laden teriyaki sauce if I were to serve it to them love this sauce and have told me numerous times to “put this on my website” which is always a compliment coming from finicky toddler eaters.

Gingery Goodness

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This recipe concoction is my take on a teriyaki recipe I found that seemed good, but had loads of sugar and sodium added. I honestly can’t stop myself from adjusting recipes, especially recipes like teriyaki that I know get a bad rap for things like too much sugar and sodium. I easily halved the sugar, soy sauce (the big sodium bomb), added double the ginger, made a couple more slight adjustments to taste and voila…my recipe concoction came to fruition and gets huge applause from all my guys at home.

Don’t even bother using ground ginger for this unless you simply have no way of getting fresh ginger, it simply won’t have the same punch. Fresh grated ginger just brings so much depth in flavor to a sauce like this. Plus, as you might know, ginger is so good for you; great for your gut, circulation and more. And, of course, the flavor is a one of a kind earthy goodness. If you simply don’t have quite enough fresh ginger then of course supplement with ground ginger.

Ginger Teriyaki Sauce close up with ginger


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You’ll find that this sauce is so flavorful that you really won’t need as much as you’re maybe used to pouring on from a store bought jar. Whatever you’re serving this sauce with, a vegetable stir fry, meatballs or maybe a chicken dish, you will only need enough sauce to coat the food. That’s my recommendation for serving and then if anyone wants a little more just serve it on the side and it can be spooned on as needed. This would also make a great glaze for salmon. It’s a big YUM all the way around for whatever Asian type of dish you’d like to serve up.

Ginger Teriyaki Sauce with sesame seeds

Ginger Teriyaki Sauce Pinterest Collage

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