How to make good coffee at home without machine

Making good coffee at home doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, you don’t even need a coffee machine! Here are some tips for making great coffee without a machine:

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How to make good coffee at home without machine

Caught at dwelling and not using a fancy espresso machine?

Step away from the jar of immediate and let me present you these 4 low cost & straightforward methods to make actual espresso at dwelling.

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First issues first, you’re going to wish some contemporary espresso. Order some on-line or choose up a bag out of your native café – belief me, they’ll admire the assist proper now.

Now in case you don’t have a grinder (psychological be aware, purchase one later), then don’t neglect to ask for it floor.

home coffee brewer lined up on bench

Espresso Plunger (French Press)

Typically known as a French Press or Cafetière in distant elements of the world, this easy system is gathering mud behind many an Australian pantry.

On the off probability that that you must purchase one, you possibly can choose up a high quality model like Bodum from round $20 via malls or on-line.

The brewing course of is straightforward:

  1. take away the plunger
  2. add coarsely floor espresso
  3. add water that’s simply off the boil (round 93C for these with a digital thermometer helpful) and provides it a fast stir
  4. permit to brew for 4 minutes earlier than plunging and serving.

The ratio of espresso to water is essential to get extraction of flavour. As a basic rule, use 60g of espresso per litre of water. So, for a small plunger that holds 320ml of water, use 19g of espresso (round ½ cup).

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coffee plunger french press brew guide


Created by the inventor of the Aerobie frisbee, this large syringe has turn into iconic amongst baristas for the standard of espresso it produces & how straightforward it’s to scrub.

By way of flavour, the Aeropress brews a cleaner, much less gritty espresso than a plunger, however not as mild as a typical filter espresso.

Many baristas, myself included, use a barely totally different methodology to the official directions included with the system:

  1. Insert the paper filter to the bottom and rinse.
  2. Place the brew on a sturdy mug and add 14g of medium floor espresso
  3. Add 220ml of water simply off the boil and stir
  4. After 1 minute, push the plunger down. Be affected person, this will take 30 seconds or so.

The Aeropress might be discovered for round $35 at a wide range of on-line retailers & espresso roasters.

Intelligent Espresso Dripper

The design of the Intelligent Espresso Brewer seems to be like some other pour over espresso brewer, nevertheless it’s acquired one key distinction.

The valve on the backside which means it holds the water with the grounds till you pop it on a cup. Which means that you don’t want a flowery gooseneck kettle to delicately pour the water over the grounds, like with different pour over espresso brewers

Put merely, in case you just like the clear, delicate flavour of batch brew filter espresso at your native café, then this can be a easy means of reproducing that at dwelling.

Right here’s the way it works:

  1. Pop in a paper filter, rinse and drain
  2. Add 18 grams of medium floor espresso
  3. Pour in 300ml of not fairly boiling water and gently stir
  4. Enable to brew for 3 minutes
  5. Place it on a mug or decanter to empty

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The Intelligent Espresso Dripper ought to price you round $35 a wide range of on-line retailers & espresso roasters.

clever coffee dripper brew guide

Stovetop Espresso

Additionally known as a Moka Pot or a Bialetti after the favored model, this brewer is a staple in Italian dwelling kitchens.

The flavour of the espresso it produces is the exact opposite of the intelligent espresso dripper. Outlined by a thick, heavy physique & low acidity it has fairly an old school style in comparison with the espresso present in most Australian cafes. It’s nonetheless tasty, however in a totally totally different means.

By way of brewing, I exploit scorching water to hurry up the method and minimise the contact time with the espresso. This may also help minimise the bitterness than can typically be an issue with stovetop espresso brewing:

  1. Pour boiling water into the bottom of the brewer as much as the brass valve
  2. Insert the espresso filter and fill with medium effective floor espresso.
  3. Holding the underside part with a tea towel (watch out, it’s scorching), screw the highest half on.
  4. Warmth on the range utilizing a medium warmth
  5. Because the espresso pours via you’ll begin to hear the air escaping. Shut off the warmth and serve.

You’ll be able to choose up a stovetop espresso maker for round $30.

stovetop espresso moka brew guide

Low tech flat white?

In case you love the creamy texture of a flat white or latte, right here’s a easy technique to recreate it with out an espresso machine:

  1. Seize a clear, glass espresso plunger
  2. Take away the plunger and add 200ml of chilly milk
  3. Warmth (with out the steel plunger) within the microwave for a minute and a half.
  4. Take away from the microwave, add the plunger and plunge up and down shortly for round 20 seconds to create a dense milk foam.
  5. Take away the plunger, swirl the creamy milk and pour into the espresso

In Australia, you possibly can order our espresso on-line right here. For cafes & espresso retailers, get in contact with us to search out out extra about wholesale espresso.

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