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Green Tabasco sauce is a spicy, pungent, and highly-flavored sauce made from green peppers. The sauce is usually used in cooking to add flavor and heat to dishes like stews, vegetable dishes, soups,

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How to make green tabasco sauce

Homemade Green Tabasco Sauce & a Green Martini ~ make your own spicy green Tabasco style hot sauce and use it to make a fabulous cocktail, then put it on all your favorites from eggs to tacos!

A bottle of homemade green tabasco sauce

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See the summer out with a bang — make a batch of this fresh green Tabasco and then use a few good dashes in an amazing cocktail that plays up the contrast of cool cucumbers and cilantro against the fiery Serrano pepper. My husband and I both loved this drink. It’s perfect for the end of a hot day, and I think it would go really well with any south of the border themed appetizers, even something as simple as chips and salsa or guacamole. It doesn’t look like much, I know, but the flavor is really nice. You can also serve it over ice, which was especially cooling, and we ultimately preferred it that way.

A green martini

You can call it green Tabasco, green sriracha, or salsa verde — this is the green version of a classic red hot sauce. But don’t think that means it’s milder. The pound of Serrano chilies that goes into this sauce packs a wallop. If you love hot sauce, then you’ll love being able to make our own and control what goes in. It’s good on everything and it keeps plenty long enough to polish it off.

Pureeing hot peppers for Green Tabascao Sauce Hot peppers are plentiful right now since late summer is technically when they’re in season. But luckily you can get them year round in most stores. A lot of hot sauce recipes call for cooking the pureed peppers. I see no need for that, and I prefer the bright green color and the bright kick of the raw peppers. After pureeing them you let the mash hang out in the fridge for a day or two to mature. Then you strain the mixture, pressing like crazy to get all the juice extracted, and you’ll be left with a cup of pure green gold. I think green hot sauces have more of the fresh pepper flavor than the reds do. This one is really good and really versatile.

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Making Green Tabasco Sauce

The puree hangs out in the fridge to mature for a day or two before being strained.

Filling a bottle with homemade green tabasco sauce

Recycled commercial hot sauce bottles are perfect to use because they let you pour the sauce out in dashes. Use a small funnel to fill them.

A bottle of homemade green tabasco sauce with Serrano pepper

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Making a Green Martini with homemade green Tabasco sauce

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“Wow – I’m becoming such a fan, Sue! I make at least one of your recipes a week! We LOVE green sauce and with the abundance of jalapenos I have growing in my garden, they will no longer go to waste! Cheers!” ~ Candace

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