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how to make hard boiled eggs devil | Family Cuisine

ishlyHard boiled eggs are a quick and easy breakfast that can be enjoyed with friends or family. They are also pretty healthy, so they are great for when you need to get in some protein. How to make hard boiled eggs devilishly is

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How to make hard boiled eggs devil


How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled & Deviled Eggs

Jamie here! Everyone has their traditional Easter foods and deviled eggs seems to be high on the list. Most of us carnivores do a ham – some of us Southern carnivores do a ham cooked in Coke – and we usually have an array of green beans (or green bean casseroles), mashed potatoes, & rolls as sides. That’s sort of the basics, right?

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But everyone has that one dish that they’ll say “It’s not Easter without ….” What’s yours?

Mine is cheesecake. My nanny made it every Easter up until she passed away a couple years back – and it was about the only time of year I ever had cheesecake. It was special and delicious with a graham cracker crust and grandma-love in every bite. (Mmmm) She also made special macaroni and cheese in the oven with cracker crumbs on top and iced tea that would make you want to never leave the porch swing as long as there were refills. I miss Easter at Nanny’s!

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I loathe deviled eggs. This looks like I’m happy, but I’m pretending.

My husband’s Easter dish is deviled eggs. I think they are evil and gross and as far as celebrations go, they should’ve even be invited to the party. Here’s why:

. A) They have the word devil in them (Obviously evil) B) They are hard boiled eggs – which smell terrible and feel weird and slippery. C) They contain mayonnaise, mustard, and relish – three condiments I won’t go near.

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I know I’m probably the minority here – but I just needed to say my piece before we jump into the helpful part of this article. (Did I mention it smells like toots?) Okay I’ve had my say! Now for those of you who are forced against your will to make these on Easter for your sweet husbands anyway (ahem – see above picture) – I wanted to share a couple secrets about the actual egg cooking that helped me tremendously after a couple not-so-great attempts:

How to Hard-Boil an Egg Perfectly:

    1. Buy your eggs a few, 4, 5,6 days in advance, the older they are – the easier to peel!
    2. Put your eggs in a single layer in a pot of cold water, fill to 2 inches above egg level.
    3. Add 1 TBS Baking Soda – This will make your egg MUCH easier to peel at the end!
    4. Turn burner on med-high until boiling gently, then REMOVE the pot from the heat and cover for 10-15 minutes. – This bringing to a boil slowly is what prevents eggs from cracking!
    5. Move eggs into a bowl of ice water and once completely cool, set back in their carton in the fridge. – Icewater prevents your yolks from turning that greenish color!
    6. Eat within 5 days.

My eggs with filling piped in (uggggghh…)

Basic Deviled Egg Recipe : (via Paula Deen or similar but much more entertaining recipe by Christy at SouthernPlate)

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