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how to make hard boiled eggs in a toaster oven

Making hard boiled eggs in a toaster oven is easy and fast, but it can be difficult to get the perfect result. The trick is to use your oven's broil setting. Turn on the broil, place the rack in the

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How to make hard boiled eggs in a toaster oven

Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs are an easy way to make hard boiled eggs without using the stove or oven. Plus find recipes that use hard boiled eggs.

air fyrer hard boiled eggs

Reading: how to make hard boiled eggs in a toaster oven

We love making steamed hard boiled eggs, but hard boiled eggs in the air fryer are just as easy! You can enjoy them as is or use them in recipes.

When following our instructions you should get the perfect hard boiled eggs every time. If you want a soft boiled egg you’ll want to reduce the cook time. These little fryers that use air are becoming a normal gadget in every kitchen. Before getting our countertop convection oven style we had a bucket style and we always had issues with it not cooking the way we wanted. We actually referred to it as our baked potato maker, because that’s what it did best.

air fryer hard boiled egg

how to make air fryer hard boiled eggs

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Ensure that you’re giving the eggs enough room cook. Space the eggs apart so the air will circulate around the egg.

air fryer hard boiled eggs on air fryer rack

Cook the eggs in the air fryer for 15 minutes and then remove from the air fryer basket right away.

Place the eggs into an ice water bath for 10 minutes.

air fryer hard boiled eggs in water bath

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You don’t have to put a ton of ice in the ice bath or if you have really cold water that will work too. We used 1 cup of crushed ice in ours and it melted within the 10 minutes.

Once they are cooled down you can peel and eat the eggs.

tips for making the best air fryer hard boiled eggs

  • During the multiple test runs, we found that the best cooking temperature for our Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster oven was 260 degrees F.
  • Also, if you’re using the same air fryer we recommend placing it on the lower rack setting.
  • We tried cooking from 13 to 16 minutes and 15 minutes was perfect each time. 10-11 minutes you’ll get a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg.
  • You can use fresh or older eggs for this recipe, we used fresh organic pasture raised eggs for testing.
  • Never skip the water bath, it helps stop the cooking process and also makes them easier to peel.

recipes using air fryer hard boiled eggs

inside of hard boiled egg in air fryer

Now that you’ve made cooked eggs you can enjoy these on their own or use them in any recipes that use hard boiled eggs like our chicken pasta salad, potato salad with eggs. egg salad, bacon egg salad, or even avocado deviled eggs. Even use them with our homemade Easter egg dye. Since these dyes are made from food you can remove the shell to color the egg whites and kids and adults LOVE it!

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 Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs - air fryer recipes

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