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Hard boiled eggs are a great thing to have on hand, but they can be difficult to peel. There is an easy way to remove the shell without peeling it off in one piece, and this technique works beautifully for hard boiled eggs that

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How to make hard boiled eggs that dont stick

Easy peel hard boiled eggs video

Gah! Guess what we’ve all been boiling eggs the wrong way. Or I have at least. For years I touted this method of hard boiling eggs and while it certainly works fine, I’d still end up with 30% of my eggs being a serious pain in the ass to peel. No matter how old they were, how long they cooled in the ice bath, peeling under water or not, adding baking soda or vinegar to the water. None of it really makes that big a difference, it turns out, to getting easy peel hard boiled eggs

What does make a difference? Boiling water start!

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I read about this on Serious Eats and obviously had to try it. And thus far, after 20+ trials, I’ve yet to have it fail me. The idea is that by putting the eggs into boiling water, the shell membrane adheres only to the shell, rather than gluing the shell to the albumin, which is what makes removing the shell cleanly and smoothly an impossibility. No more!

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But wait. Won’t the egg crack if you put it right from cold fridge to hot water? No. No it won’t. Lower the eggs into the boiling water carefully using a slotted spoon and they don’t crack. I know. It gets me, too. But I’ve only had like 2 crack, ever. If you’re super worried, leave them out on the counter for a couple hours so they can warm up and it’ll be less of a temperature shock.

The post-cooking ice water bath is still important, though. That will cool them fast so you can get to peeling and, according to Serious Eats, also reduces the size of the air pocket in the fat end of the egg. Mine still usually have little dimples in the fat ends, so I’m not sure about that, but it does cool them off faster and I think helps the peeling go even “smoother”. Ha!

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Then use your perfectly peeled boiled eggs to make

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easy peel hard boiled eggs

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