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Hatch chile sauce is a condiment made from roasted Hatch, New Mexico green chiles. The sauce can be used in a variety of dishes, including tacos and burritos, to add a smoky flavor that complements the

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How to make hatch chile sauce

You will love this traditional New Mexico Hatch Green Chile sauce, made from freshly roasted chiles, smothered on burritos, enchiladas & more.

Hatch Chile Sauce

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There isn’t a better smell than that of freshly roasted hatch green chiles. Whether you pick them up directly from Hatch, New Mexico or you get them at your local ethnic grocer, they make some really amazing Hatch green chile sauce.

For many that’s also known as enchilada sauce.

But… it’s not reserved “only” for enchiladas. You can dump it on burritos, use on your eggs, or even better, a great tamale.

If you can’t get your hands on Hatch chiles (whether in person or online), you can roast your own chiles at home on the grill, too.

Visiting Hatch, New Mexico

Every year in September, Hatch, New Mexico celebrates their Chile Festival. The weekend festival falls right around Labor Day and the weather is always still pretty warm.

The festival includes lots of fun festivities. You can watch the music, entertainment and even make and buy a ristra.

If you aren’t certain what a “ristra” is, it’s made with chile pods and comes ready to hang in your home or porch.

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Ristra making at the Hatch, NM Chile Festival

What looks very light is actually very heavy (ask me how I know!) I had to carry two of them a very very long ways to the truck!)

My 6 hour drive back to Phoenix with 2 huge ristras hanging in the back of the truck made for a really pleasant chile smell in my truck. Who needs an air freshener when you have dried chiles? 😜

Are Hatch chiles really that hot?

Every once in a while I can be a spicy food lover. However, I do know chiles all too well… sometimes they aren’t as mild as they appear to be.

You will love this traditional New Mexico Hatch Green Chile sauce, made from freshly roasted chiles, smothered on burritos, enchiladas & more.

I wandered by a tasting table at the festival, with chiles that were mild, medium and hot. The festival folks were offering samples, so I agreed that I would start on the mild end of the table just to be safe.

Less than 30 seconds later I had smoke coming out of my ears as I struggled to talk. Come to find out, not all mild Hatch chiles are exactly “mild”. 😉 My kids had a good laugh watching me struggle with the heat, that’s for sure.

If anything, it certainly brings about a sort of fun and crazy mystery to the whole chile eating experience!

I had a rather large bag of roasted Hatch chiles in my fridge for several days following my return. While I love that smell of green chile, I knew they needed to be used. A fridge can only fit so much Hatch chile.

Hatch Green Chile Sauce

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This sauce is super handy to have for enchiladas, burritos, over eggs at breakfast or poured on your meat & potatoes at dinner.

Hatch Green Chile Sauce

New Mexico Hatch Chile Sauce

This sauce is not only easy to put together, it requires some pretty simple ingredients, and freezes beautifully.

The recipe will give you just over two cups and can be doubled quite easily. If you like yours thinner, then add more broth (liquid).

But I don’t think you would want to make it any thicker as it might be challenging to use up. I highly recommend doubling the recipe as it’s handy to have in a pinch. And, it freezes up beautifully.

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