how to make hello kitty fondant cake topper

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How to make hello kitty fondant cake topper


Reading: how to make hello kitty fondant cake topper

Hi Cat is a preferred personality constructed out of basic forms. Similar to numerous basic personalities, catching a real similarity in fondant can be a lot more difficult than you believe. This tutorial will certainly direct you with the procedure detailed.


This is what you require:

  • Job surface area
  • Moving pin
  • Fondant smoother
  • Corn starch
  • Fondant in White, pink, black as well as yellow
  • Gum tissue paste
  • ( 3) five-inch skewers
  • Wilton circle cutter
  • Wilton Nature Styles fondant mold and mildew
  • Not imagined: Wilton idea # 230, slim black edible pen


Action 1: Roll a 3 inch round of pink fondant for the body. (Include some gumpaste to the fondant. This makes it completely dry faster as well as more powerful.) Roll the fondant in your hands till all folds are gone as well as the surface area is smooth.


Action 2: Utilizing your hands as well as a fondant smoother, function the body right into a cone-like form.


Action 3: With the fondant smoother, squash the left of the cone form a little. This is the front of the personality’s body.


Action 4: Roll 3 tiny items of white fondant right into rounds as well as produce oblong forms for Hi Cat’s legs as well as tail.


Tip 5: With the Wilton circle cutter, I eliminated polka dots from a slice of white fondant. If you do not have this device, a little round piping idea can be utilized to remove the polka dots.


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Action 6: Wet the rear of each polka dot with water as well as connect them to the body of the number.


Action 7: To make the arms, begin with 2 oblong rounds of white fondant.


Action 8: Forming each arm to have a spherical hand as well as pointy thumb as revealed.


Action 9: With water, connect the arms to the body. I included a slice of pink fondant per arm for brief sleeves.


Action 10: The head of the personality is fairly big. I rolled a sphere of white fondant that is 5 to 6 inches throughout. (Include some gumpaste to the fondant. This makes it completely dry faster as well as more powerful.)


Action 11: Utilizing your hands as well as the fondant smoother, function the round form right into a level oval.


Action 12: Utilize your fingers to squeeze out 2 sharp ear forms from the top of the oval. Utilize the fondant smoother to re-smooth the head after you are pleased with the form.


Tip 13: I had 2 sizes of skewers in my supply picture. The 5-inch skewers wound up being the best size for the task. I picked 3 of them as well as ensured they were cut to the specific size I required. (You need sufficient size to experience the entire body as well as 2/3 of the head.


Action 14: In this picture, I have actually connected the number’s body to the base. (The base is a six-inch cake circle that I have actually enhanced to match.) Dive the 3 skewers going laterally right into the body. This will certainly function as the assistance for the over-sized head.

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Tip 15: Make Use Of the Wilton Nature Styles mold and mildew to produce the big 5-petal blossom for the head. If you do not have this device, any type of tiny blossom cutter would certainly function.


Action 16: Unmold the pink fondant blossom as well as connect it in position with water.


Action 17: To remove the tiny, oblong eyes, I utilized Wilton idea # 230.


Action 18: To finish the basic face, roll a little round of yellow fondant as well as form it right into an oval for the nose. It’s extremely essential to be precise with the positioning of the eyes as well as nose.


Action 19: It is essential to allow the head completely dry for a minimum of 2 days prior to connecting it to the body. It is fairly hefty as well as can come to be askew if connected prematurely. Mark all-time low of the go to a standard.


Tip 20: Damp the touch factors with water where the neck will certainly satisfy the head. Meticulously reduced the head onto the assistance skewers. See to it you are placing it on wonderful as well as straight.


Action 21: Include the trademark hairs with a slim black edible pen on each side of the face.


Reading: how to make hello kitty fondant cake topper

Enable the number to completely dry for a minimum of a week in an amazing, dark location. Put it on a birthday celebration cake or the top of a cupcake tower for a cheery design. Take pleasure in!

Delighted Caking! Renée

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