how to make homemade aloe vera juice

Making homemade aloe vera juice is a great way to provide yourself with the benefits of this popular plant. Aloe vera contains antioxidants, hydrating minerals, and vitamins A, C, and E which are all essential for good

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How to make homemade aloe vera juice

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Hey all,

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I’ve returned from a short hiatus with a simple new recipe for Homemade Aloe Vera Juice. Making your own aloe vera juice saves money, and it allows you to make sure you are getting all the great benefits of aloe vera without the added sugars that are often hidden in store bought varieties. Plus, it is so easy to make!

Aloe Vera Juice | Sweet & Sorrel

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I cannot believe that I’m posting a recipe that involves aloe vera. In Jamaica, aloe vera is more commonly referred to as “Sinkle Bible” because it was considered so useful for curing many different ailments (it was literally a “bible” of remedies). But to me, sinkle bible was a nightmare! Parents often used the gel from inside the sinkle bible to punish misbehaving kids who hated the bitter taste. I remember eating a lot of sinkle bible as a child, and trust me, I WAS NOT a fan! It took me forever to stop associating aloe vera with a form of punishment, but once I did, I realized how great aloe vera juice really is.

Aloe vera is known to have many benefits: it can be used to treat minor wounds, and can also help with stomach and intestinal issues. If you haven’t had aloe vera before, give it a try using the recipe below!

Today’s aloe vera juice recipe is so easy to make, and it can be modified to suit your needs. First, clean the aloe vera leaf and remove any thorns. Next, carefully peel away the green outer layer of the leaf with a sharp knife. Be careful not to use any of the green parts of the leaf as it can be toxic, and has a laxative effect. Using a spoon, scrape the gel from inside the aloe vera leaf and set aside. (Note: I like the rinse the gel to get rid of some of the slime).

Aloe Vera Juice | Sweet & Sorrel

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When you are ready to make the juice, blend the gel with your choice of water, coconut water, or natural fruit juice. If you are still trying to get accustomed to the taste, you can also add a sweetener (e.g. cane sugar, agave, honey). Use a spoon to scrape off the froth that settles on top of the juice. Store the aloe juice in the fridge and drink within 1-2 days for optimal freshness.

Any one else have any childhood stories involving aloe vera? Do you have other uses for aloe vera? Let me know in the comments below! You can also share your thoughts on Instagram using the tag #Sweetandsorrel

Aloe Vera Juice | Sweet & Sorrel


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