Homemade Brownies

I'm going to show you how to make homemade dessert. You may be wondering, "Why would I want to make my own desserts?" Well, for one, it's a lot cheaper than buying them from the store. Secondly, they

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How to make homemade dessert

Homemade Brownies made with cacao powder as opposed to costly delicious chocolate that makes these brownies spending plan pleasant! Thick, crunchy, chocolatey and also the ideal very easy treat offered with an inside story of gelato, warm fudge sauce, and also sprays. You just require one dish to work up scrumptious homemade brownies.


I have actually constantly * assumed * that I liked the boxed brownies till I attempted this very easy & & easy dish for homemade brownies I am showing to you today. I additionally intend to share my household’s preferred dish for a very easy treat utilizing the brownies! Whenever my youngsters desire treat it generally entails brownies covered with gelato, warm fudge, and also sprays.

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I like brownie dishes that utilize cacao powder since it’s more affordable than those costly squares of cooking delicious chocolate. I enjoy this dish since it makes use of cacao powder, it’s just one dish, and also no mixer required!

Homemade Brownies | Homemade Brownie Recipe | Easy Dessert Recipes | Homemade Brownies made with cocoa powder instead of expensive chocolate which makes these brownies budget friendly! Thick, chewy, chocolatey and the perfect easy dessert served with a scoop of ice cream, hot fudge sauce, and sprinkles. You only need one bowl to whip up delicious homemade brownies. #brownies #brownierecipe #recipeoftheday #easyrecipe #easydessertrecipes


Butter – It’s finest to utilize salty butter as the dish does not require extra salt. You can constantly include salt to your choice. I understand great deals of individuals like sea salt in addition to their brownies which would certainly function simply great. But also for the dish, utilize salty butter to assist with the taste and also for comparison to the sweet taste.

Granulated Sugar – Yes I understand it’s 2 whole mugs of sugar. However as lengthy as a single person does not consume the whole frying pan I assume it will certainly be all right If you intend to, proceed and also explore utilizing much less sugar. I have actually never ever done it so I can not also state for certain where to begin. Bear in mind that the cacao powder is bitter so you do require the sugar in the dish to stay clear of a truly bitter preference.

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Chocolate Powder – Make certain you are utilizing bitter cacao powder. They do make a dark delicious chocolate cacao powder that you can utilize in this dish too. I have actually never ever done it, yet if dark delicious chocolate is your point after that attempt utilizing that.

Huge Eggs – 4 eggs is the proper quantity. I obtain concerns constantly regarding “is it really 4 eggs?” Yes it is. Feels like a great deal yet the eggs give a lot dampness and also appearance to the brownies. I enjoy a soft, cake-like, semi fudgy brownie and also 4 eggs will certainly assist with that. It’s additionally crucial exactly how you blend the eggs right into the batter. Much more on that particular listed below.

Vanilla Essence – I constantly get the pure vanilla essence. Yes it is costly (which eliminates me when I get it) yet the taste you receive from pure vanilla essence deserves it. Yes you can utilize replica vanilla essence however, for the most effective preference, stay with the pure things.

All-Purpose Flour – I constantly get natural all-purpose flour yet any kind of kind can be made use of. Blonde flour, gluten-free flour, simply whatever you like or whatever you have in your cooking area. I would certainly stay clear of entire wheat flour as that makes baked products really thick and also completely dry.

Homemade Brownies stacked on a plate.


Every little thing obtains blended right into one dish and also no hand mixer or KitchenAid is required. It’s really crucial to comply with the dish actions. I understand it’s means simpler to simply blend all the damp things with each other and after that include the completely dry components, yet it’s created the means it is for a factor.

  • Mix with each other the thawed butter and also granulated sugar. This action is essential since the secret to a best brownie is to integrate the sugar and also the eggs independently. So see to it you truly integrate the sugar and also butter well.
  • Include 4 eggs, one by one, mixing the egg in totally prior to including the following egg. This is so crucial. Each egg requires to be totally integrated right into the batter prior to including the following. It offers quantity to the brownie batter and also makes ideal brownies each time. If you enjoy crunchy, soft cake-like, and also fudgy brownies after that the key remains in the eggs.
  • Include the vanilla essence and also bitter cacao powder and also blend well. Include the flour in and also utilize a spatula to delicately mix it right into the batter simply till every little thing is incorporated and also no flour pocket/streaks stay in the batter.
  • Put the batter right into the frying pan and also expanded uniformly. It is a thick batter so I suggest going down huge dose’s (I utilize a big cookie inside story to do this) throughout the cooking meal and after that spreading it out. This makes it simpler to spread out a thick batter as opposed to one huge stack of batter in the center of the frying pan.
  • You can cover the brownie batter (prior to cooking) with sprays, chocolate chips, peanut butter, chips, dark delicious chocolate chips, mini m&& m’s. We constantly wind up covering ours with delicious chocolate sprays or mini m&& m’s.

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An easy dessert using homemade brownies, hot fudge sauce, and sprinkles.


Homemade Brownies are among the simplest treat dishes since they can conveniently be spruced up and also offered to visitors or an enjoyable ‘make-it-yourself’ brownie sundae bar in the house.

When I make treat for my household, 9 out of 10 times, it’s this very easy treat dish that consists of homemade brownies + gelato sundae bar in the house.

Make the brownie dish and after that sufficed right into squares. Lay out great deals of various gelato sundae bar garnishes.

  • Sprays
  • Magic Covering Gelato Garnish
  • Warm Fudge Sauce
  • Strawberry Sauce
  • Nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts, and so on)
  • Delicious Chocolate Chips and/or various other little sweets
  • Gelato – We enjoy utilizing delicious chocolate chip gelato or vanilla. Delicious chocolate gelato is great, cookies & & lotion gelato is wonderful as well. Usage whatever you desire!

After that every person takes an item of brownie, covers it with an inside story of gelato, and after that all the garnishes.

Homemade Brownies stacked on a white plate. A close-up shot of the best homemade brownies ever.


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Homemade Brownie Recipe and an easy dessert idea that your family will love.

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