how to make honey milk tea

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How to make honey milk tea

Ponyo’s Hot Honey Milk is comforting and warm – perfect for rainy day, just like in the film!

Next in my Studio Ghibli recipe series is another highly requested one! Ponyo’s Hot Honey Milk.

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I’ve seen many people wondering if Sosuke’s mom made Sosuke and Ponyo hot tea with honey. Thanks to my official Studio Ghibli food book, I can confidently say it’s milk with honey! This recipe is super easy and may even sound a little boring, but let me tell you – it is delicious. It’s warm, creamy, and slightly sweet. Everything you would want during a rain storm at night.

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I know this drink is popular among many cultures and is said to soothe throats when sick or to help put children to sleep.

Some delicious additions

In the movie, Sosuke’s mother only puts honey in the milk. While this is yummy on it’s own, I like adding a small dash of cinnamon for some extra depth to the drink. Most of my Ghibli dishes I try to keep as close to the movie as possible, but I just had to add cinnamon to this because I really feel it takes it to the next level. Some followers recommended adding a splash of vanilla or even sweet butter to this drink! The hot honey milk base is pretty simple in flavor so I’m sure there are tons of delicious ways to customize and have fun with this drink!

If you are interested in other food from Ponyo, you can check out my Ponyo’s Ramen recipe and search “Ghibli” on my blog to find other Studio Ghibli recipes I’ve created!

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