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how to make japanese ramen style soft boiled eggs | Family Cuisine

This is a tutorial on how to make Japanese ramen style soft boiled eggs. The method for this is similar to the way you would boil an egg in boiling water, but with the addition of some salt and sugar.

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How to make japanese ramen style soft boiled eggs

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Japanese ramen eggs in a small dish

Ramen egg is a delicious soft boiled egg marinated in a umami rich sauce. It’s super easy to make and perfect in a hot bowl of ramen or even to eat on its own as a snack!

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What is Ramen Egg?

Ramen Egg is a boiled egg that is soaked in a delicious marinade made with tsuyu, soy sauce, sake, mirin and sugar. The flavour is absorbed into the egg creating a delicious delicacy.

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In Japan, we actually never say “ramen egg”. Ramen eggs are called “ajitsuke tamago” (味付け卵) which means flavoured egg or “nitamago” (煮卵) which means literally means simmered egg. A regular boiled egg is called “yude tamago” (ゆで卵).

Even though ramen egg is most commonly seen on… (you guessed it) ramen, Japanese people also eat them as a snack. It’s easy to buy ramen eggs already flavoured in the supermarket too!

ramen eggs in a dish top down

How to cook soft boiled eggs

Ramen eggs are always soft boiled no matter what! It’s one of their characteristics! Here is my way to get perfect soft boiled eggs every time!

  1. Firstly, you will need a pan that fits enough water to completely cover your eggs.
  2. Bring the water to a gentle rolling boiling and carefully lower your eggs in. (Your eggs should be cold and straight from the fridge.)
  3. Set the timer for 6-7 minutes (6=very soft, 7= quite soft)
  4. As soon as the timer is up, you need to put the eggs straight into ice cold water! (Don’t forget the ice!!) and that will stop the cooking process.

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Leave them for 10 minutes and then they’ll be ready to peel!

Two halves of ramen egg in a bowl of miso ramen

Ramen Ingredients

Ramen is one of the most popular Japanese foods and is appreciated worldwide. Chewy noodles in a salty broth, topped with an array of tasty ingredients… what’s not to love? And there are literally hundreds of types of ramen.

Here are some toppings that you commonly find on ramen:

  • Chashu (Braised pork)
  • Ajitsuke Tamago (Ramen egg)
  • Menma (Fermented & dried bamboo shoots)
  • Nori (Roasted seaweed sheet)
  • Chopped spring onion
  • Narutomaki (Fishcake)
Two halves of ramen egg in a bowl of miso ramen

Eat ramen eggs with these recipes!

Ramen eggs are delicious eaten on their own as a snack, but of course the best way to eat them is in a bowl of hot ramen! Check out some of my recipes that are delicious with ramen egg!

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  • Homemade Butter Miso Ramen
  • Soupless Abura Soba
  • Chashu Donburi
Two halves of ramen egg in a bowl of miso ramen


Ramen eggs with soft yolk close up


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