how to make juice cleanse at home

Juicing is a great way to cleanse your body, but it can be time consuming. If you want to make juice at home, here are some tips for making the process easier.

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How to make juice cleanse at home

DIY Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses have become quite popular over the past decade. No doubt you’ve heard of celebs doing them and maybe even seen that one trendy girl at your office who is always drinking trade-free coffee and eating black bean brownies participate in one.

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Have you ever thought about doing a juice cleanse yourself? I personally like to do a 1-2 day cleanse after the holidays. November through December is nothing but baking and holiday parties for me, so my body really looks forward to getting a break and some much needed nutrients come January.

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While it is called a juice “cleanse”, there is no scientific evidence that drinking any kind of juice “cleanses” your body. I like to do them because it is a good mental reset for me to get back in the habit of eating non-processed, healthy foods after times of over-indulgence.

If you have ever considered doing a juice cleanse, you may have noticed that they can be quite pricey. I’ve seen several hip juice shops here in LA selling a 1 day cleanse for up to $57! That’s too rich for my blood, so I make my own.

Homemade Juice Cleanse Recipes

DIY Juice Cleanse Juices

  • Vanilla Almond Milk
  • Simple Greens Juice
  • Orange & Carrot Juice
  • Citrus & Pineapple Juice
  • Spicy Roots Juice
  • Chocolate Almond Milk

My one day juice cleanse has six different homemade juices. Ideally, you drink one when you first wake up, then another every 2 hours afterwards.

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I like to start my day with the vanilla almond milk, then head into the greens later in the morning. The orange & carrot juice along with the citrus & pineapple are a nice midday pick-me-up. Spicy roots is practically my dinner, then the chocolate almond milk is perfect for a pre-bedtime snack that satisfies sweet carvings.

Worried about not getting enough calories or protein during this one day juice cleanse? Add some vanilla protein powder to the vanilla almond milk and chocolate protein powder to the chocolate version.

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Chocolate & Vanilla Almond Milk for DIY Juice Cleanse

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Tools Needed To Make Your Own Juice Cleanse

  • High-Powered Blender (I use this one)
  • Nut Milk Bag
  • Fruit & Vegetable Juicer (I use this one)
  • Mason jars or bottles with lids

Juice Cleanse Tips

  • Eat clean the day before (non-processed/whole foods)
  • Limit exercise/physical activity while you are juicing
  • Be sure to drink all of the almond milks and juices so that you are getting enough nutrients and calories
  • Drink lots of water in-between juices
  • The day after your juice cleanse, stick to healthy soups and small meals to ease your system back into solid foods

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