how to make korean rice cake

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How to make korean rice cake
Steamed Asian Rice Cakes (used for stir fries or stews)

This Oriental rice cakes dish originated from Mother Lin’s effort to make Oriental rice cakes, especially the kind utilized in tteokbokki Like in Oriental food, steamed rice cakes prevail in Chinese food preparation (oftentimes called nian gao, 年糕). Throughout the year, Mother Lin makes rice cakes for mix frying. My mommy discovered just how my sister-in-law was getting Oriental rice cakes, tteok (떡), from the grocery store, so she determined to find out just how to develop it in the house.

Oftentimes, tteok is made by battering a rice flour dough to provide the rice cakes its particular crunchy appearance. Although the form of the rice cakes you see below looks a whole lot like garaetteok (round rice cakes), it is not stemmed from the typical technique of making tteok. That’s why I wait to call this a tteok or garaetteok dish due to the fact that it is my mommy’s analysis of a Korean-style rice cake. Nevertheless, if you have an interest in discovering just how to make tteok from square one, have a look at this dish from Maangchi

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These fit to be tied Oriental rice cakes are a functional component that you can make use of to mix fry or stews.



The rice cakes are made from a mix of rice flour as well as pudding starch. The pudding starch provides the rice cakes a chewier high quality. If you just utilized rice flour, the rice cakes will certainly be stronger as well as denser when you attack right into them.

Thai Rice Flour and Tapioca Starch

Commonly, Mother Lin makes use of Thai rice flour (red tag) as well as pudding starch (blue tag). These flours are fairly cost-effective in Oriental grocery stores. You can additionally discover them on ( rice flour, pudding starch) though they are far more costly there.

In the dish, I additionally include a percentage of sugar as well as salt to the dough to provide the rice cakes a little taste.


To begin making the dough, you’ll blend the flours with steaming warm water. It is important to make use of warm water due to the fact that the warmth “cooks” the dough, making it versatile as well as flexible. Consequently, this permits you to adjust the dough right into whatever form you desire.

Making Rice Cake Dough

When including water to the flour, I typically put around half the water right into the dish with one hand, as well as make use of the various other hand to mix every little thing concurrently. As soon as all the water has actually taken in, I’ll include the remainder of the warm water. Mix the water as well as flour with each other for 30 secs to 1 min. If the dough is looking extremely completely dry, put space temperature level water over any type of loosened flour under of the dish, 1 to 2 tbsps each time.


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As you can think of, the dough is extremely warm at first. I typically allow the dough cool for 2 to 3 mins prior to working, mixing it often to launch some heavy steam from the dough. If you still discover the dough to be extremely warm, mix the dough for for one more 1 to 2 mins prior to working.

Knead the dough up until you have actually virtually functioned all the loosened flour right into the glob of dough. After that, transform the dough onto a job surface area. Proceed working it for concerning 2 to 3 mins. The beyond the dough ought to be fairly smooth (see image listed below). This dough is extremely flexible, so no matter if you have a couple of folds below or there. Most notably, the dough must not really feel completely dry.

Kneaded Rice Cake Dough Disc

It is extremely typical for rice flour doughs made with warm water to be a little sticky when you work it, specifically at first. As you remain to work it, the dough will slowly really feel much less sticky. In the direction of completion of working, I located the dough to be a little ugly yet not extremely sticky. If the dough still really feels extremely sticky after a number of mins of working, include one more tbsp of rice flour as well as worked the dough once again.


This sort of dough does not require any type of relaxing time. Actually, it’s much better to deal with it while the dough is still cozy. If you allow the dough rest for a long period of time, the beyond the dough will certainly begin to completely dry as well as create a crust.

Divided Dough Pieces

Forming the dough right into a sphere as well as split it right into 8 equivalent items. You do not require to be as well exact. For recommendation, my items of dough were someplace in between 95 to 100 grams.

Leave one item of dough on the job surface area for presenting. Transfer the continuing to be 7 items of dough back right into the dish as well as cover with a towel.

Roll Out Dough Into Rope

Forming the item of dough right into a brief, thick log, and after that put the visit the job surface area. Beginning with the center, present the dough as well as slowly function your hands additionally apart. At some point, you will certainly obtain a lengthy dough rope. It must have to do with 16 inches long as well as simply over 1/2 inch in size. Roll the dough rope off sideways.

Cutting Rice Cake Pieces

Turn Out 3 even more items of dough right into lengthy ropes. After that, align the 4 ropes of dough as well as reduced them up right into 2-inch items. The dough will certainly stay with your blade a little. You can gently oil the sides of your blade with oil to stop sticking, yet I do not typically trouble keeping that.

Rice Cakes Ready to Steam

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Transfer all the items of rice cake onto a huge cooking sheet as well as cover them with a towel while you complete forming as well as reducing the continuing to be items of dough. If any one of the last couple of items of dough have actually begun to run out as well as crust over, work them once again up until they no more really feel completely dry. After that, present the dough right into a rope.


  • 2 big plates or little frying pans
  • parchment paper
  • steaming shelf
  • big frying pan with cover


You’ll desire a frying pan that is big sufficient to pleasantly fit home plates or frying pans holding the rice cakes. If you do not have a huge frying pan, you can additionally make use of a huge sauté frying pan with deep sides. I would certainly additionally advise utilizing a much shorter steaming shelf. Lots of sauté frying pan covers have a tendency to be made from glass. Condensation establishes quickly on glass covers. Occasionally, the water may trickle onto the rice cakes while they are cooking. To stop that from occurring, you can connect a towel to cover all-time low of the cover to capture the condensation.

You can additionally heavy steam the cakes in bamboo baskets.

Steaming Rice Cakes


Line 2 plates (or little frying pans) with parchment paper to maintain the rice cakes from adhering to home plates. Prepare the items of dough right into rows on the parchment-lined plates. Maintain the rice cakes covered with a completely dry towel up until they prepare to be steamed.

Fill up the frying pan with concerning 1 1/2 to 2 inches of water. Bring the water to steam. After that, meticulously put the steaming shelf in the facility of the frying pan. Make certain that the water isn’t covering the shelf totally. If that holds true, eliminate some water from the frying pan. Location among home plates or frying pans of rice cakes onto the steaming shelf. Ultimately, cover the frying pan with a cover as well as heavy steam the rice cakes over warmth for 10 to 11 mins.

Cross Section of Cooked Rice Cake

To examine to see if the rice cakes are totally prepared, slice a rice cake as well as examine the facility. The rice cakes are totally prepared if you do not see any type of strong white places in the facility. Allow the rice cakes great on the counter while you heavy steam the 2nd set of rice cakes. If the water degree in the frying pan is looking reduced, include some water to the frying pan.

Spicy Rice Cakes


Shop the Oriental rice cakes in a tupperware for as much as a week. My favored technique to reheating rice cakes is to saturate them in warm water for 2 mins. I steam some water in a pan prior to switching off the warmth. After that, I meticulously reduced the rice cakes right into the warm water.

You can additionally ice up the rice in a fridge freezer bag as well as they will certainly maintain for months. Reheat the rice cakes by saturating them in warm water for 5 mins.


You can offer the rice cakes cozy with sauces like my soy as well as vinegar dumpling sauce, chili oil, or peanut sauce You can additionally mix fry the rice cakes (like in the image over), include them to stews, or utilize them to make tteokbokki

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