how to make korean sweet rice cake

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How to make korean sweet rice cake

Injeolmi is a prominent Oriental rice cake that’s completely soft, crunchy, nutty and also gently wonderful. Make this fantastic gluten-free and also vegan reward in the house (with simply the microwave) in much less than 10 mins!

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What is Injeolmi?

Injeolmi 인절미 is a kind of Oriental rice cake made with glutinous rice. Typically, wonderful sticky rice is steamed, after that battered till it ends up being a great ball with a crunchy appearance which we call Tteok 떡. This approach of making tteok usually takes hrs when you consist of hrs of saturating the wonderful rice, after that steaming and afterwards battering.

The tteok is after that reduced right into smaller sized items and also typically layered with either baked soybean powder 볶은 콩가루 Bokkeun Kongaru, ground black sesame seeds or prepared (bitter) Azuki red beans (단팥 dan-paat). This rice cake is additionally consumed with no covering however simply on its own, dipped in honey or sugar.

Note, there are 2 various classifications of Oriental Tteok based upon what type of rice is made use of. Chapssal Tteok (찹쌀떡) are rice cakes that are used glutinous/sweet/sticky rice, this consists of tteok like Hwajeon 화전, Bukkumi 부꾸미, Kyeongdan 경단, and also obviously Injeolmi. Maepssal Tteok (멥쌀떡) are used normal short-grain rice and also some typical ones are Songpyeon 송편, Sirutteok 시루떡, Hobaktteok 호박떡, Danja 단자, Sultteok 술떡 and also even more. So something regarding this tteok– I matured listening to the grownups speak about just how Injeolmi was simple to absorb and also was truly helpful for the belly. I half thought it when I was little since I was believing in my head – it’s this ball of a point that’s also type of difficult to eat and also often it can also obtain stuck heading to your belly. Exactly how can this be simple to absorb? lol …

However as it constantly ends up, the knowledge of our forefathers is never ever to be neglected. My sibling # 3 constantly had problem with an acidic belly and also her father-in-law (that is a family doctor) informed her to simply consume Injeolmi every early morning rather than taking antacid drugs. So she consumed it for a year for morning meal every early morning and also she vows that it aided her recover completely from it.

ESSENTIAL KEEP IN MIND – I am never recommending that Injeolmi is a complete treatment for your acidic belly problem. PLEASE seek advice from a medical professional initial to discover the source of your signs and symptoms and also the proper therapy. I shared the tale much more as an item of social details and also individual experience. As well as much more as a food that might aid your problem (much like boring food is much better than zesty foods) however by no implies a treatment.

I have actually additionally directly located tteok to aid with my acid belly so I recognize there’s something there however I have not had the ability to stick it with it enough time to see my problem vanish. BTW, my acid problem is not truly poor that I require to take medicine since it reoccurs. No heartburn or anything like that. Every person’s problem is various so please consult your Dr.

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I did a fast search and also surprisingly, there’s research study done by Oriental researchers that end “Our results suggest that glutinous rice proteins are useful for the prevention and treatment of gastritis and peptic ulcer.” However in some way besides that, I might not discover various other clinical proof so it depends on you. Perhaps since just a tiny area of the globe populace consumes wonderful rice.?

Cook’s Tips

  • Comply with guidelines in order and also very closely – Injeolmi runs out rather promptly and also it’s just good and also elastic when it’s still warm so you have just a slim home window of time to spread it out, layer and also cut.
  • Entire wonderful rice grain vs flour – generally, wonderful rice is saturated, steamed after that battered. I have actually attempted grinding the wonderful rice in the house and afterwards attempted making with it. However since I can not batter it completely, it simply really did not offer as excellent outcomes as making use of flour. Ideal outcomes are generated with business carefully ground wonderful rice flour or Mochiko flour.
  • Various other flavors/coating – ground black sesame seeds (Heukmija 흑임자) or prepared azuki red beans (Paat 팥) can additionally be made use of. Keep in mind, prepared azuki red beans (not wonderful bean paste however the real beans simply prepared in water and also ground) ruin quickly in summer season so make this just in great periods.
  • Storage Space – Shop at great area temperature level, snugly covered for as much as 12 humans resources or much less. Best to ice up in impermeable container or bag to preserve quality.
  • Reheating/Thawing – Icy Injeomi is ideal defrosted at area temperature level. Additionally, reheat in a non-stick frying pan at medium-low warmth for a number of mins on each side. For softer and also wet outcomes, spray some water when the frying pan is warm (with rice cake in it) and also cover with a cover for a number of mins. You can additionally leave it in a cozy rice stove for a couple of mins. My the very least preferred choice is to reheat in the microwave – a great deal of times, it will certainly reheat erratically and also tteok will certainly end up being truly difficult once it cools down so make use of the microwave if you recognize that you will certainly consume done in one resting.

Exactly how to make Injeolmi

Servings: 4 Food Preparation Time: 10 mins Trouble: Tool

What you require: Dessert Rice Flour, Sugar, Salt, Water and also Roasted Soybean Powder


  1. Separate soybean powder right into about 2 sections. On a sheet frying pan or a brownie frying pan, layer all-time low of the frying pan by spreading out fifty percent of the baked soybean flour. I spread out regarding 9 × 7 inch location of my 9 × 13 brownie frying pan for one set of the dish (2 mugs flour). You can additionally do it in a 8 × 8 frying pan.
    soybean powder spread out in pan
    Soybean powder (콩가루 Konggaru)
  2. Sprinkle regarding 1/2 to 1and tsp of sugar and also a light spray of salt (1/4 tsp) in addition to the soybean flour. Reserve.
    sugar and salt sprinkled soybean powder in pan
    Sugar and also salt sprayed soybean powder
  3. In a microwavable dish, include wonderful rice flour (also known as mochiko flour), salt and also sugar. Blend with a whisk.
  4. Include water to powder combination and also combine with a spatula till every little thing is well combined and also no completely dry flour exists. Make certain to scratch all-time low of the dish to blend in all the flour. Also and also ravel the top with a spatula and also cover with a cling wrap.
    step by step pics of adding water and mixing rice dough
    Making Dough for Injeolmi
  5. Placed the protected dish in the microwave and also chef on HIGH for 2 mins The initial photo is just how it takes care of 2 minutes – it’s all expanded!
  6. Secure the dish from the microwave, reveal the cover (beware of the warm heavy steam as you reveal). You will certainly see that just the leading layer is prepared. Utilizing a spatula, blend it to make sure that the prepared leading layer goes to the base and also the raw base layer involves the top. Ravel the top, cover with a cling wrap once more.
    step by step pics of mixing dough after microwaving
    Exactly how to blend Inejolmi Dough after food preparation in Microwave
  7. Microwave HIGH for 2 mins once again. Discover, mix (repeat action 6 over) and also cover with cover one last time.
  8. Currently, microwave HIGH for simply 1 min
  9. Secure the dish from the microwave, reveal the cover and also dip the spatula in cool water and also mix/knead the dough. Mix/knead for 30 secs while dipping the spatula in water a 4-5 even more times. This assists the rice cake not stay with the spatula way too much as well as additionally cools off the tteok a bit while including dampness. Additionally, you can make use of a stand mixer making use of the dough hook to massage the Injeolmi dough. 10 secs must suffice. Sprinkle regarding 2 tsp of water while you massage it. This is just how good and also elastic it takes care of I hand combined it.
    sticky rice cake stretched and extended up with a spatula
    sticky rice cake completed
  10. Have the soybean flour sheet frying pan and also dish of cool water prepared alongside the rice cake. Place non reusable plastic handwear covers on. The plastic handwear covers are not a should however it simply makes points much easier (not have your hand all covered in tteok).
    spreading out injeolmi with hands in pan
    Expanding Injeolmi

    Type the Injeolmi rice cake right into one sphere making use of a spatula (since it will certainly still be also warm for your hands) and also move it over to the facility of the sheet frying pan. Currently, damp your plastic handwear covers with cool water and also promptly push down the rice cake to spread it out uniformly. Repeat moistening your handwear covers if you feel it’s also warm or it’s sticking. Press and also spread out till it covers a lot of the soybean powder location or till you obtain your preferred density – regarding 1/2 inch a minimum of or thicker. VIEW video clip listed below to see just how I do this.

  11. As quickly as you are done spreading it out, cover the leading with even more soybean powder. Utilizing scissors, reduced rice cake right into lengthy strips and afterwards each strip right into smaller sized squares or rectangular shapes. For every cut item, cover the cut sides with soybean flour so it’s completely covered around. The soybean powder avoids Injeolmi from drying and also includes a remarkable nutty taste.
    • KEEP IN MIND – if the leading dries prior to you cover it with the soybean powder, the powder might not stay with the tteok. If this occurs, simply gently damp the leading with water and afterwards the powder will certainly currently stick.
      coating rice cake with soybean powder and cutting into squares
      Covering Rice Cake with Soybean Powder (Konggaru) and also Reducing right into sqaures
  12. Appreciate with some wonderful tea ☕ and also honey for dipping!
Injeolmi plated in front and chrysanthemum tea in Korean celadon cup and saucer
Injeolmi and also Chrysanthemum Tea

And Also right here are some close-up shots – this dish truly produces equally as excellent outcomes like the ones you purchase from the shop. So, truly, there’s no requirement to acquire it from the shop any longer!

close up of cut cross section of injeolmi tteok
Injeolmi cross-section
korean injeolmi coated with soybean powder and piled on black plate
Oriental Pleasant Rice Cake (Injeolmi)


What is Roasted Soybean Powder (Bokkeun Kongaru 볶은 콩가루) and also where to acquire

Bokkeun Kongaru is made by toasting entire completely dry soybeans after that grinding them right into powder. This active ingredient prevails in both Oriental and also Japanese dishes and also you can utilize them mutually. Below are 2 generally readily available bundles (the left is Assi brand name and also the best one is Japanese Shirakiku Kinako) that you will possibly see at your regional Eastern food store or online. I have actually included them to my shop so you can acquire them there also.

2 different soybean powder packages - Korean one on the left and Japanese one on the right
Baked soybean powder bundles

Can I make my very own baked soybean powder?

Yes, you can. The dish is to saturate the completely dry soybeans for 30 minutes or two, after that drainpipe and also chef and also roast in a fry pan. Once it’s baked, you require to grind it to a great powder. The problem is a lot of our mixers or choppers are truly not effective or have a method to make such a great powder.

Do not I require to batter it or knead much longer for genuine crunchy Injeolmi?

My dish states to just massage or blend it for 30 secs or two however I recognize some dishes will certainly state to massage it much longer. I have actually examined the dish by massaging with a stand mixer for a couple of mins (which would certainly be a lot longer by hand) versus simply hand blending for around 30 secs. As well as I need to state, I truly did NOT see any kind of distinction in the appearance. However it depends on you. You can definitely massage it much longer – no damage in doing that.

Various other dishes making use of Dessert Rice Flour

Currently, think what ?!! You can currently make Injeolmi Salute also if you can not acquire it from a shop. I recognize NOT everybody might acquire the rice cake to make this sandwich prior to. Now you can make it on your own !!

Drizzling honey on Injeolmi for Korean Rice Cake Sandwich
Drizzling honey on Injeolmi for Oriental Rice Cake Sandwich

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As well as if you intend to attempt various other rice cakes making use of the very same wonderful rice flour, right here are a number of various other dishes that you can attempt!

Bukkumi and Hwajeon - 2nd photo shoot
Bukkumi and also Hwajeon – second image shoot

The leading left one is called Bukkumi and also it’s a wonderful dumpling packed with Dessert Red Bean paste. The lower ones are called Hwajeon and also it’s one of the most easiest little mini wonderful rice pancake covered with fresh blossoms or environment-friendlies.

Or you can additionally make my Stove Baked Rice Cake which is additionally called Tteokppang – it’s a tteok and also it’s a cake!

Watch Exactly How to Video Clip

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