how to make lavender milk tea boba

The best way to make lavender milk tea boba is to use a fine mesh strainer. This will help you avoid the big chunks of tapioca pearls that can interfere with the drink's taste and texture. Then, add

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How to make lavender milk tea boba

This Lavender Milk Tea is a creamy, delicious and floral AIP drink. With just a bit of honey to add sweetness you have tasty herbal drink.

What is milk tea?

Milk tea is any tea with the addition of milk. This version uses lavender tea and dairy free coconut milk.

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What does lavender milk tea taste like?

It tastes like a creamy, floral milk. The lavender flavor is subtle but it’s very fragrant. If you want to add an English breakfast or an Earle grey tea bag (I recommend Pique tea crystals instead of a teabag) along with the lavender to give it a stronger flavor, that’s totally ok as well.

close up of Lavender Milk Tea with fresh sprig of lavender floating on top

How to dry out lavender

I’ve got lavender growing in my garden. During the springtime it’s bursting with flowers and I make sure to cut enough to have all winter long and share with friends. I cut them in bunches then hang them upside down in a dry place away from the sun. Hanging them upside down helps the stems stay straight once dry. You’ll notice that lavender flowers will wilt pretty quickly after cutting.

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If you don’t have lavender growing in your garden, you can order it online here. It’s a lot of lavender but you can use it in my Honey Lavender Kombucha, Honey Lavender Marshmallows and AIP Herbs de Provence Spice Mix.

Can you add lavender milk tea to boba?

Yes. Boba is traditionally used with a milk tea flavor of your choice. I have a AIP Matcha Boba recipe but you can switch out the AIP matcha latte recipe for the Lavender Milk tea.

How to make Lavender Milk Tea

1. Add water, dried lavender and honey to a small saucepan over low heat. If using, add your teabag as well. Bring to a boil then remove from heat and let steep for 10 minutes.

2. When the tea has finished steeping, add the coconut milk then bring to a boil. Remove from the heat as soon as it begins to boil then pour into a mug.

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3. Stir in the collagen peptides, if using. Garnish with a lavender sprig and serve.

step by step photos of how to make lavender milk tea

Tips for making the best Lavender Milk Tea

  • If you want a stronger flavor, add an English breakfast or Earle grey tea bag along with the lavender. I recommend this brand.
  • You can use this milk tea recipe instead of the matcha latte in my AIP boba. You can find the AIP Boba recipe here.
  • Make sure to use coconut milk that’s AIP friendly. I always use this brand.
  • I use a milk frother to quickly stir and combine the drink. This is the one I used.
  • If you decide to use collagen peptides, I recommend this brand. It’s super high quality. Use the code BETH15 to get 15% off.
  • I get dried lavender from my garden but you can also get it online.

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