How to make lemongrass tea from fresh lemongrass

Lemongrass tea is a great way to add some fresh flavor to your day. It's also good for you, as it contains several antioxidants and the benefits of drinking tea such as lowering cholesterol and blood pressure levels. All you

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This contemporary lemongrass tea recipe has this excellent, lemony style.

And it’s additionally actually good for you with confirmed advantages.

Reading: How to make lemongrass tea from fresh lemongrass

Let’s get into it.

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Lemongrass Plant

Lemongrass is a real grass as you may see under. However its leaves have a powerful, lemony odor.

It’s so good!

Right here within the Caribbean, we name lemongrass – fever grass.

We use it to deal with all the things from fever, flus, colds, infections and extra. It is among the many vegetation we use in bush tea (a brewed concoction of many helpful herbs).

Truly, we brew a lot of different helpful teas like:

  • shandilay tea
  • hibiscus tea (sorrel)
  • cocoa tea
  • holy basil tea (tulsi)
  • bay leaf tea
  • soursop tea

If you will get your arms on this plant, take it! This plant is not going to die on you, even in case you have a brown thumb. It’s resilient and grows actually rapidly. So you may by no means over-harvest the leaves to make this straightforward lemongrass tea recipe.

The plant can be the right addition to your kitchen backyard – it repels bugs, mosquitoes, and even snakes. That’s why the leaves are used to make citronella oil… you recognize everybody’s favourite all-natural repellent.

In the event you can’t discover the plant, contemporary lemongrass isn’t that arduous to search out.

It needs to be obtainable at your native Asian retailer or market. You should buy a big bunch, wash them with heat water and pop them within the freezer. The frozen stalks are advantageous for making this straightforward lemongrass tea recipe.

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Oh and also you could possibly get contemporary lemongrass on Amazon!

The right way to Make Lemongrass Tea

I’m at all times requested what a part of the lemongrass plant to make use of to make tea.

The leaves and stalks are used to make lemongrass tea. Many use the stalks alone, however the leaves maintain extra taste so use the entire grass minus the roots.

Put together the lemongrass leaves

When you have your very personal plant, all you want is one stalk for this recipe.

You’ll be able to lower above the roots and the plant will sprout new leaves. There may be an outer pores and skin on the stalks. I often take away and discard that. After washing all the things with heat water, I fold the stalk and use the leaves to tie a knot.

Brew lemongrass tea

The knotted leaves go right into a small pot with 3 cups of water.

The leaves have a lot taste so (if potential) use the contemporary lemongrass leaves for this recipe. However dry lemongrass items additionally work to properly to make the tea. You could find a lot of dried lemongrass on Amazon.

After a pair minutes of boiling, you’ll get that tremendous lemony odor. It’s so good and can fill your whole kitchen.

Fifteen minutes later, you might be finished.

Serve the tea

I don’t often add sweeteners to my tea. It tastes nice as is; however you may add sugar, honey or any of your favorites.

Making this lemongrass tea recipe is that straightforward. Serve scorching or chilled. Or add it to any citrus juices, smoothies, and even popsicles.

Take a look at this video on how one can make the tea on Youtube. Make sure you subscribe for extra movies like this.

Skip all of those steps and get lemongrass tea luggage on Amazon right here:

Lemongrass Tea Advantages

What’s lemongrass tea good for?

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I really discovered a pair research that seemed into the advantages of lemongrass tea.

This one from 2015 examined the tea on blood parameters like purple and white blood cell depend, hemoglobin concentrations, and cell quantity. It discovered individuals who had the tea each day for a month had superb purple blood cell counts and hemoglobin ranges.

White blood cell counts additionally dropped considerably too!

With the increase in hemoglobin ranges, the researchers imagine the tea can assist with each treating and stopping anemia!

And the drop in white blood cells might show the tea can increase your immunity and assist your physique combat off infections. So, making this tea throughout flu season is a good concept. However, why cease there? Make it anytime!

Talking of combat off the flu and infections, one other 2015 examine examined the tea’s antibacterial and anti-fungal advantages. Microbes like E. coli, Staphylococcus aurus and Candida albicans have been used right here. The examine confirmed the tea had good antimicrobial advantages.

(One other tea with confirmed antimicrobial advantages: ginger tea!)

The findings of the examine exhibits the tea:

  • improves your blood cell counts
  • improves hemoglobin ranges
  • prevents anemia
  • fights infections
  • boosts immunity
  • kills microbes

The advantages of lemongrass isn’t solely restricted to the tea.

Lemongrass important oil additionally has glorious antibacterial and anti-fungal advantages. However that’s a complete different publish. Make sure you test that out.

In case you are a fan of creating tea, decide up certainly one of these beautiful tea kettles as a present for the vacations.

Again to the recipe.

Lemongrass Tea Recipe

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Oh and take a look at this publish to see what lemongrass important oil is nice for.

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