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how to make masala to sprinkle on boiled eggs | Family Cuisine

Masala is a mixture of spices, herbs, and sometimes nuts. It is used to flavor curries, vegetables, meats, rice dishes or even desserts. This recipe for masala will make enough to sprinkle on two boiled eggs.

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How to make masala to sprinkle on boiled eggs

Are you bored of the usual salt and pepper seasoning for your boiled eggs? Try this ultimate masala egg fry recipe! Try once, and you will believe forever. Then make again and store for frequent use. I am calling this my magic dust recipe!

This ultimate magic dust elevates the regular hard-boiled eggs to a different level of flavours. It is a wonderful combination of black peppercorns, red chillies, and coriander seeds with a hint of cumin.

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If you love eggs (well, who doesn’t?), you’ll love this masala egg fry.

Image of Masala Egg Fry
Masala Egg Fry – Perfectly Fiery!

About my egg fry recipe

Black peppercorns, red chillies, coriander seeds, and cumin seeds are toasted before grinding to a coarse powder. Adding salt to the mix completes the masala egg fry seasoning. Hard-boiled eggs are coated in this spice mix seasoning, and pan-fried with some crispy-fried curry leaves. The eggs are then sliced and dusted with more seasoning before serving. This egg fry is an egg-static starter! Sorry, I had to say that! 🙂

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This recipe will help you produce enough seasoning for a dozen eggs. I am using 6 eggs in this recipe. But note that I have enough for another 6 to be stored for later. Make it once and use in batches. When stored well, it’ll easily stay fresh for 3-4 months.

Image of Masala Egg Fry - A platter to share
Masala Egg Fry – A platter to share

Some tips for perfect boiled eggs

  • Do not use eggs directly from the refrigerator. Leave them out to reach room temperature.
  • Start cracking the shells only after the eggs have fully cooled down.
  • And finally, when it is time to slice the eggs, don’t use a knife. Use a thread, hold the ends between the thumb and index finger on each hand, and slice with it. You’ll get a clean cut.

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