how to make milk tea in bdo

Milk tea is a type of sweetened tea that is typically prepared by adding condensed milk to hot water. The drink has been around since the 17th century, but it became popular in China during the Tang Dynasty.

Milk Tea is a consumable Black Desert food that gives a 90-minute boost to experience and XP recovery. It is one of the few things in the game that gives an XP boost that doesn’t come from the cash shop.

The milk tea can be bought at the marketplace or from the NPC that sells it, but you can make it on your own without buying anything.

Milk Tea Ingredients/Crafting Materials

Black Dessert BDO How To Make Milk Tea

  • 2x Tea with fine scent
  • 2 Flour
  • 3 Milk
  • 3 Honey

Making the Milk Tea is a two-step process that requires a few ingredients.

First, you need to make tea with Fine Scent and then combine it with a few other ingredients.

Tea With Fine Scent

Black Dessert BDO How To Make Milk Tea

To make your Tea with Fine Scent you’ll need to combine

  • four fruits (ex: apples, grapes or strawberries),
  • four flowers (ex: roses, tulips or sunflowers),
  • three cooking honey
  • seven water.

How To Get Fruit

Fruit can be hand-picked from trees, grown on a farm or bought from Milano in Calpheon. You can even use a worker to harvest grapes from Casta farm near Olvia.

How To Get Flowers

Flowers can also be hand-picked from several different locations but keep in mind that there’s a huge concentration of roses and tulips at northern wheat plantation east of Calpheon. You can also find a lot of quick spawning flowers around the seed vendor in Calpheon city and lastly, you can grow some flowers on your farm.

How To Get Cooking Honey

After finding some fruits and flowers, it’s time to find cooking honey. The cooking honey can be found on Alejandro Farm where you can send a worker to harvest it for you. Keep in mind that there’s also a daily at the farm that’ll give cooking honey as an optional reward.

How To Get Water

The last thing needed for the Tea with Fine Scent is water and it comes from the cooking vendor. You can use the NPC search button to route yourself to the nearest cook. It’s important to buy some cooking utensils while you’re there if you don’t already have one in your residence.

After collecting all of the ingredients, all you need to do is to add ingredients for one batch to the pot, click “cook” to make one or click “continuous production” to make multiple. The game will fill ingredients from your inventory into the cooking pot. It’s important that you don’t add any extra ingredients to the pot because the game will destroy them all.

After you make the Tea with Fine Scent, you can use it to make the Milk Tea. The recipe for the Milk Tea includes two Tea with Fine Scent, two grain flour which comes from grinding any grain using the produce feature in your inventory, three milk and three cooking honey.

How To Get Milk

The easiest way to obtain milk is to simply buy it from the marketplace. Unfortunately, a lot of times there’s no milk available there so you may have to farm it yourself by playing milking minigames.

The first one can be found in Olvia and all you have to do is to look for an NPC named Flute Boy – he’ll be sitting on a fence and isn’t available by night. There’re two more games, one in a Falres Dirt Farm and the other which is on s Bain Farmland.

Milking cows is very easy, just keep in mind that it can be labor intensive so you can use an alt to save your labor to craft your tea.

Once you have all the ingredients, you can easily make the Milk Tea by putting them into your cooking utensil.

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