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how to make milkshake with ice cream

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How to make milkshake with ice cream

Just How to Make a Milkshake Or Smoothie: 3 Simple Actions as well as 10 Minutes for the best thick as well as luscious milkshake or smoothie! Attempt vanilla, delicious chocolate, strawberry, mint Oreo, as well as extra!

four milkshakes in cups

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Gelato has actually been as well as will certainly for life be among my favored treats. Whatever the period, it’s extremely most likely you’ll locate me resting with a dish of gelato.

Trevor is additionally a gelato enthusiast, however while I opt for a snowstorm or sundae, Trevor is allll concerning those milkshake or smoothies. However not simply any type of milkshake or smoothie, they require to be extremely thick as well as luscious! So, today, we’re talkin’ exactly how to make the PERFECT, the most effective homemade milkshake or smoothies!


Among the most effective components concerning homemade milkshake or smoothies is you reach tailor it simply for you! Mix as well as match tastes, mix in any one of your favored sweets, lots it up with whipped lotion … anything goes!

  • Gelato – utilize your favored brand name as well as taste! Opt for full-fat for the creamiest appearance. Today, we’re making use of usage vanilla, strawberry, delicious chocolate, as well as mint Oreo.
  • Milk – whatever you carry hand, however the greater the fat material, the creamier the shake will certainly be. I make use of 2% “plain”, strawberry, as well as delicious chocolate milk today.
  • Syrup or Sauce – this is our taste booster! Attempt sugar, strawberry jam, warm fudge, peanut butter, as well as extra!
  • Optional: Mix-Ins – any type of mix-ins will certainly function! Attempt your favored sweets, cookies, nuts, you call it!
  • Garnishes – anything goes! Usage whipped lotion, smashed nuts, sprays, cherries, and so on!

Exactly how to make

Simply 10 mins to the best milkshake or smoothie! Hell yes!

  1. Area gelato, milk, as well as syrup of option right into a high-powered blender or food processor as well as mix till smooth.
  2. If making use of mix-ins, pulse in till simply integrated.
  3. Pour right into glasses after that leading with garnishes. Offer as well as take pleasure in!

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chocolate milkshake in cup


Below are the 4 variants I made today … as well as they’re SO GREAT! If these aren’t your jam, do not hesitate to experiment with various other tastes. You truly can not fail!

  • Vanilla – vanilla gelato, milk, as well as sugar covering.
  • Strawberry – strawberry gelato, strawberry milk, as well as strawberry jam.
  • Delicious Chocolate – delicious chocolate gelato, delicious chocolate milk, as well as warm fudge sauce.
  • Mint Oreo – mint oreo gelato, milk, warm fudge sauce, as well as Oreos.

vanilla milkshake in cup

Exactly how to enlarge

Simply include even more gelato! The even more gelato there remains in connection to the milk material, the thicker the milkshake or smoothie will certainly be. If you require to include even more gelato to enlarge, do not hesitate to include even more sauce, syrups, or mix-ins to taste, if required.

Can you make a milkshake or smoothie without a blender or food processor?

A high powered blender or food processor is mosting likely to be your best option for making a milkshake or smoothie – you simply can not defeat the uniformity the blender or food processor accomplishes.

Nonetheless, if you do not have a blender or food processor offered to you, you can attempt making it in a food mill or a stand mixer:

  • Mixer: area gelato, milk, as well as syrup of option right into mixer as well as procedure till smooth. Pulse in mix-ins, if making use of.
  • Stand mixer: defeated gelato on tool rate till gelato is luscious. Include milk, sauces, as well as optional mix-ins as well as defeat on reduced rate till extensively integrated.

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  • Usage great gelato. This could do without claiming, however gelato is the base for the milkshake or smoothie so ensure you’re making use of the great things!
  • Usage full-fat gelato. Light gelato will certainly additionally function however full-fat gelato will certainly make your milkshake or smoothie additional luscious.
  • Usage fall-fat milk. Or half-and-half or whipping cream! The greater the fat material, the creamier the shake.
  • Usage somewhat softened gelato. This enables you to make use of much less milk, which develops a thicker milkshake or smoothie.
  • Much Less is extra. Begin with extremely little milk as well as include even more as required. Way too much milk as well as your shake will certainly be drippy.
  • Usage seasoned milk. Instance: making use of strawberry milk in the strawberry milkshake or smoothie maintains the strawberry taste solid, as opposed to watering down the taste with “plain” milk.
  • Pulse in your mix-ins. You desire the milkshake or smoothie to be luscious with bigger pieces of mix-ins. If you assimilate the mix-ins as opposed to pulse them in, they might come to be as well tiny as well as make the milkshake or smoothie abrasive as opposed to luscious.
  • Cool your glasses. Stick your mugs in the fridge freezer for a couple of mins prior to dishing out your milkshake or smoothies. This avoids the milkshake or smoothie from beginning to thaw as quickly as it strikes the mug.
  • Offer immediately. It’s thicker as well as creamier this way!

Various other taste concepts

Although I enjoy every one of the variants in this dish, there are a lot of means to make a milkshake or smoothie. Below are a few other taste mix concepts!

  • Mocha. Coffee gelato, coffee (as opposed to milk), warm fudge sauce, as well as delicious chocolate covered coffee beans.
  • S’mores. Vanilla or delicious chocolate gelato, delicious chocolate sauce, graham biscuit crumbs, as well as mini marshmallows.
  • Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Vanilla gelato, vanilla remove, as well as cookie dough.
  • Peanut Butter Mug. Vanilla or delicious chocolate gelato, peanut butter, as well as mini peanut butter mugs.

Like I stated, practically anything goes! You can not fail with an ice cream-based dish, right?

strawberry milkshake in cup

Exactly how to keep

I extremely advise offering your milkshake or smoothie immediately for that completely luscious as well as scrumptious appearance.

– Jennifer

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