how to make mosambi juice in mixie

I'm going to show you how to make mosambi juice in a mixie. This is a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed anytime of the day.

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How to make mosambi juice in mixie

Mosambi juice Or Sweet lime juice recipe – sweet lime is also known as mosambi in hindi. one of our favorite juice with a citrus fruit is Sweet lime juice. sweet lime are sweet in taste and sometimes they narrow even to a somewhat bland taste. These fruits do not feel acidic in flavor or taste and are also not sour.

sweet lime juice, mosambi juice

Reading: how to make mosambi juice in mixie

Both Nimbu pani and mosambi juice are common Indian drinks and you will find street vendors selling these in many places. They add black salt, chaat masala and cumin powder to the juice.

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On the streets of Bombay & Delhi, you will see many vendors making Fresh mosambi juice. Another similar drink from Mumbai is this Ganga jamuna juice.

I got lots of sweet lime from the market and since it has become pretty hot here… (sigh… i don’t see any winters coming nor do I feel any coolness knocking on our doors) I made the Mosambi juice… This was so refreshing.

sweet lime

I just kept the Mosambi juice plain and it was a great heat reliever on this day.

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You have to consume the sweet lime juice fresh as if you allow it to stand for some minutes, it starts tasting bitter. sweet lime is also an excellent juice for the fasting or vrat in the Navratri season.

sweet lime juice recipe

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