How to make mushroom tea with dried mushrooms

The flavor of mushroom tea depends on the type of mushrooms used. For example, oyster mushrooms have a milder flavor than shiitake or porcini mushrooms. This recipe calls for dried shiitake and oyster mushrooms

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How to make mushroom tea with dried mushrooms

You may make tea out of something today. Mushrooms are not any exception. These magical fungi may help improve alertness and supply psychological leisure. Mushroom tea is widespread in Russia and Baltic nations the place it’s used to deal with digestive issues, coronary heart illness, and most cancers. Scientific analysis on these magic mushrooms remains to be ongoing (1). Nonetheless, mushrooms are extensively revered in conventional societies and staples at well being meals shops.

There are a number of totally different mushrooms that can be utilized to brew magic mushroom tea. On this information, we’ll break down the primary sorts used to brew mushroom tea. Comply with our helpful mushroom tea recipes or add your personal spin to get pleasure from this distinctive, wholesome tea.

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What Is Mushroom Tea?

Greater than 100 various kinds of mushrooms are utilized in Chinese language conventional medication to deal with quite a lot of sicknesses. They’re usually offered as extracts or consumed dried. The tea type is a scrumptious option to eat mushrooms and is easy to brew. Step one in brewing mushroom tea is deciding which mushrooms to make use of. Listed below are the 5 hottest.


Chaga mushrooms are recognized by the botanical title Inonotus obliquus. These mushrooms develop on the bark of birch timber and generally present in North America and Europe. These mushrooms are notably widespread with Russians and will be discovered in lots of tea homes throughout the huge nation. Chaga mushrooms are black on the skin and vibrant orange on the within. They’re used to spice up immune system well being and are filled with antioxidants.

One of many foremost chemical compounds in chaga tea is betulinic acid. This amino acid has been linked to decrease ranges of LDL ldl cholesterol and is beneficial in treating digestive illnesses. The style of chaga tea is delicate with a slight trace of vanilla. Mushroom tea will be ready utilizing recent mushrooms of chaga powder if most well-liked.


Cordyceps mushrooms are essentially the most weird and intriguing of those mushroom varieties. They’re parasitic in nature, rising from the our bodies of hosts together with ants and caterpillars. Spores from cordyceps vegetation enter the our bodies of moth caterpillars, which burrow underground earlier than dying. The fungus then grows from the top of the deceased caterpillar in a vibrant orange stem form. Any such mushroom primarily mummifies its host.

Cordyceps mushrooms are sometimes called zombie mushrooms due to their life cycle. They’re recognized within the scientific neighborhood as Cordyceps sinensis and in Tibet as yartsa gunbu. These mushrooms have been utilized in Chinese language medication for the reason that fifteenth century. Trendy medication has discovered medicinal potential for cordyceps mushrooms in treating most cancers, boosting power, and enhancing sleep (2).

Cordyceps mushrooms style just like floor, unsweetened cocoa powder. The mushrooms are earthy and supply a taste profile that’s nutty, savory and barely salty.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane derives its title from it is beautiful look. These mushrooms function lush tendrils that movement and ebb within the wind. The mushroom has a number of nicknames together with Previous Man’s Beard and Tree Hedgehog. The plant is scientifically often known as Hericium erinaceus. These mushrooms develop on each lifeless and decaying timber in Asia, North America, and Europe. It’s an endangered species in some nations, however will be grown at dwelling given the proper circumstances.

The rarity in wild environments and style of Lion’s Mane lends to its luxurious nature. Lion’s Mane is used to guard mind well being and widespread in conventional medication. This mushroom has a taste profile that’s usually in comparison with lobster. It has a candy, savory taste with a meaty essence. The addition of water in tea brewing turns the meaty texture into full-bodied taste.


Maitake mushrooms are recognized by the botanical title Grifola frondosa. These mushrooms develop in northern components of Japan and throughout america. Maitake mushrooms sometimes develop on oak timber and might attain weights of over 100 kilos. These huge mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties that assist to scale back ache and discomfort.

Maitake mushrooms style sweeter than the opposite mushroom son this record. The flavour profile of maitake mushrooms is fruity, earthy, and spicy. These mushrooms comprise the energetic ingredient L-glutamate, which lends a savory wealthy taste recognized in Japan as umami.


Reishi mushrooms are also referred to as Lingzhi mushrooms and offered beneath the botanical title Ganoderma lucidum at well being meals shops. These mushrooms develop on decaying hardwood timber present in hotter climates. They’re generally present in Asia, Australia, and South America.

These mushrooms are characterised by dazzling, pink tops. They develop most frequently as giant, umbrella constructions, however also can develop within the form of antlers in some areas. Reishi mushrooms have been thought to supply immortality in early types of Chinese language medication. They comprise excessive concentrations of antioxidants and might enhance white cell manufacturing.

Reishi mushrooms supply an earthy taste. The style is described as pleasantly bitter with woodsy notes. The meaty taste of this tea is usually balanced by including a sweetener reminiscent of honey or almond milk.

Mushroom Tea Recipes

1. Chaga Mushroom Tea

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Chaga mushroom tea presents a light taste and will be brewed for lengthy intervals of time with out creating bitter notes. This tea is usually consumed unsweetened, however you’ll be able to add a cinnamon stick or maple syrup for a touch of sweetness. Chaga tea can be generally served as an iced tea. To make this recipe an iced model, merely brew as follows, refrigerate for 3 hours, and serve with ice cubes.


  • 1 1-inch Chaga chunk dice or chaga tea bag
  • 2 cups sizzling water


1. Use an electrical tea kettle, tea pot, or a big pot to warmth water.

2. Use a espresso grinder to grind the chaga chunk right into a wonderful powder. Chaga powder will be substituted for quicker brewing. Chaga tea luggage can also be used if most well-liked, though the well being advantages are usually higher with pure chunks and powder.

3. Add the chaga powder to a tea infuser and place within the boiling water.

4. Let the chaga tea steep for five minutes. Intention for 4 to six minutes if utilizing tea luggage as a substitute.

5. Pour the chaga tea right into a cup and luxuriate in!

2. Cordyceps and Ginger Tea


  • 7 grams cordyceps mushrooms or 1 tablespoon cordyceps powder
  • 1/2 lemon or 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
  • 4 skinny slices of recent ginger
  • 1 1/2 cups water


1. Warmth water in a big pot on the range till it reaches a speedy boil.

2. Add within the cordyceps items or powder and let steep for 10 minutes.

3. Flip the warmth right down to medium and add within the ginger slices and lemon juice. Steep for five further minutes.

4. Use a wonderful mesh strainer to take away the ginger and cordyceps mushrooms. Serve in a heat mug

3. Lion’s Mane Chai Tea

Chai tea is a well-liked favourite because of its creamy texture and spicy taste. For this recipe, we’ll use chai spice combine for quicker brewing. You may make your personal chai spice blends at dwelling utilizing you favourite elements. Tea luggage can be substituted for simpler brewing. Chai sometimes accommodates 5 staple elements together with black pepper, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, and ginger so ensure to make use of these in your home made spice combine.


  • 3 grams Lion’s Mane mushrooms
  • 1 tablespoon chai spice mix
  • 500 ml water
  • 1 tablespoon coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • Sprint of honey


1. Deliver water to a sluggish boil and add in chai powder. Simmer on low for 20 minutes.

2. Whereas the chai is brewing, place Lion’s Mane mushrooms, coconut milk coconut oil, and honey in a blender. Mix for 30 seconds on excessive velocity.

3. Add the blended elements to the chai. Combine properly and serve in a tall mug.

4. Add frothed milk on prime for a creamy texture or sprinkle just a little cinnamon for garnish.

4. Maitake Inexperienced Tea

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Inexperienced tea is a wholesome powerhouse and analysis reveals it could actually assist you stay longer and more healthy. There are a number of sorts of inexperienced tea and all can be utilized for this mushroom tea recipe. Japanese inexperienced teas will lend a sweeter, extra vegetal taste whereas Chinese language inexperienced teas might be extra earthy and daring. Shiitake mushrooms will be substituted for maitake if wanted.


  • 10 grams Maitake mushrooms
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or 1/2 a vanilla bean
  • 1 tablespoon unfastened leaf inexperienced tea
  • 8 ounces sizzling water


1. Warmth water in a big pot till it reaches a boil.

2. Add the Maitake mushrooms and steep for 10 to fifteen minutes.

3. Flip warmth right down to medium earlier than including vanilla and inexperienced tea leaves.

4. Steep for five extra minutes.

5. Pressure the tea leaves and mushroom items utilizing a wonderful mesh strainer. Take pleasure in!

5. Reishi Marjoram and Honey Tea

Reishi mushrooms are likely to have a barely bitter taste, so most recipes even this out by including sweeteners. On this recipe, we’ll add the sweetness of honey with the spicy and earthy style of marjoram. This leads to a smoother mushroom tea. You may as well substitute marjoram with peppermint, basil, rosemary, or dried flowers reminiscent of jasmine and chamomile.


  • 10 small items of reishi mushrooms – finely sliced
  • 8 recent marjoram leaves or 5 drops of marjoram oil
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 8 ounces sizzling water
  • 1 lemon slice


1. Deliver 8 ounces of water to a speedy boil in a tea kettle or stovetop pot.

2. As soon as the water is boiling, add the reishi mushrooms.

3. Flip the warmth right down to medium excessive and add honey, oil, and leaves.

4. Steep for five to 10 minutes. Style the concoction each 30 seconds after 5 minutes to search out the proper taste to your tastebuds.

5. Serve in a consuming mug and garnish with a slice of lemon or add a splash of recent lemon juice.

Get Artistic With Mushroom Tea

Mushroom use dates again centuries. Conventional medication prescribed these elements for quite a lot of illnesses. Medicinal mushroom tea is a scrumptious option to get the well being advantages of mushrooms with out having to cook dinner up a full meal. Mushroom tea preparation takes minutes and only some fundamental elements so you’ll be able to drink this tea at dwelling or on the go very quickly.

Mushroom tea is extraordinarily versatile. Use considered one of these 5 widespread mushrooms or department out with psilocybin mushrooms or different favorites reminiscent of morels. These recipes are meant to be malleable so you’ll be able to combine it up with elements you’re keen on. Mushrooms are hearty, earthy elements that pair properly with each spices and herbs. Use flowers to sweeten these mushroom teas and add a dainty contact. Spice issues up by including cayenne and black pepper to those mushroom recipes. The probabilities—and flavors—are infinite!


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