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In this article, we'll show you how to make a simple and delicious mustard sauce for fried chicken.

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How to make mustard sauce for chicken

French Mustard Chicken breasts in a white wine cream sauce is just what your weeknight needs!

Boneless chicken breasts soak up a comforting sauce filled with Dijon, herbs and wine. There is only one feeling you get when sitting down to eat this French Mustard Chicken… pure decadence! Spoil yourself or your loved ones with this luxurious chicken recipe!

Creamy mustard chicken breasts in a black Staub skillet with a metal spoon |

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When cooked properly, mustard is an incredibly delicious addition to many recipes. Dijon allows chicken, beef or pork dishes to shine, but throwing a good quality (inexpensive) dry white wine into the mix makes for an eloquent dinner. If you’ve never cooked with mustard and white wine together, you will love using them both to make this creamy, savoury sauce.

A comforting meal to come home to at the end of a busy day, you can’t go wrong with a dinner like this. And it all comes together comes together in under 30 minutes using only one skillet! Serve with creamy mashed potatoes, over buttery egg noodles, or even our buttery cauliflower mash with green beans on the side.

A close up of one chicken breast in a French style Dijon cream sauce |

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French style mustard chicken is normally pan fried without any coating, but I love dredging them in flour before pan frying to give us an incredible outer crust. You can skip this part of you prefer, but you may just love how the breasts stay so juicy on the inside.

Four chicken breasts dredged in flour in a bowl

The chicken then gets fried in a butter/oil mixture. If you’ve never done this and only fried your chicken in oil, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! It creates the most beautiful, golden soft crust all over your chicken, you’ll be frying your chicken in butter/oil from now on — guaranteed! The oil stops the butter from browning too quickly, while the butter prevents the oil from burning.


Preparing our sauce using all of the tasty, crispy browned bits left on the bottom of the pan after searing our chicken adds incredible flavours. Combined with butter, shallots and garlic, this chicken recipe includes all of your French favourites: tender, succulent chicken breasts with crispy edges sitting on top of a white wine sauce.

A touch of cream is the epic finalé, bringing all of those flavours together, giving you a pan full of sauce begging to be soaked into crusty bread!


  • Letting the wine simmer and reduce at least to half allows the alcohol to evaporate and enhances the flavour and aroma of our sauce
  • Allow the sauce to simmer for a good 4-5 minutes once you’ve added your browned chicken breasts back in. The sauce WILL reduce and thicken thanks to the flour coating! If you’re anything like me and have the patience level of zero, you’ll be tempted to thicken the sauce with flour or cornstarch…but please don’t!

Creamy mustard chicken breasts in a black Staub skillet with a metal spoon |


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As always, I recommend cooking any dish with a good quality dry wine.

If you can’t drink, don’t cook with it!

Anything goes really, from a nice chardonnay or Sauv blanc. I personally love a good pinot grigio or pinot gris to cook with. It doesn’t need to be an expensive bottle, but one from a good, respectable brand helps. Brown Brothers is my go-to.

You then get the bonus of finishing off your crisp, white white along with your dinner… just the drink you need to have with this mustard chicken recipe. Why not? You deserve it!

A simple dinner, great for any night of the week…hearty, creamy, indulgent and so good!


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