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Fish Cake Soup (Odeng Soup aka Eomuk Guk)

Oden is a traditional Japanese soup made with fish cakes, eggs, and vegetables. It is often served as street food in Japan during the summer months.

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How to make odeng soup

Fish Cake Soup (Odeng Soup) is without doubt one of the most favourite consolation meals for Koreans. It may be loved by itself or goes splendidly with bunsik model meals like tteokbokki and spicy bibim noodles.

Fish Cake Soup - Korean Odeng Guk
Fish Cake Soup – Korean Odeng Guk

Fish cake soup is also called Odeng Guk or Eomuk Guk in Korea. The phrase Odeng initially comes from the Japanese phrase Oden (おでん) (‘Japanese one-pot winter dish consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon, konjac (kelp), and processed fishcakes stewed in a light, soy-flavored dashi broth‘ Wikipedia). There’s a slight change in which means right here although.. Japanese Oden refers back to the one-pot dish containing fish muffins whereas in Korean tradition, Odeng refers back to the fish cake ITSELF. Eomuk alternatively is the pure Korean phrase, with Eo which means fish, Muk which means cake like state, equally used within the identify Dotori-muk.

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Apparently, despite the fact that these two soups are principally referred to as the identical factor, the Korean and Japanese fish cake soups style considerably completely different. Each soups begin with the identical primary dashi broth constructed from dried anchovies, radish and kelp however it’s seasoned otherwise. Japanese model oden soup has a darker coloration as a result of it’s seasoned largely with Japanese darkish soy sauce and will likely be sweeter tasting. Korean model eomuk guk (어묵국) is lighter in coloration and is seasoned with each salt and Korean soup soy sauce (guk ganjang). Each style good in their very own means however with Korean bunsik, the Korean model eomuk guk undoubtedly tastes higher collectively. 😉

Learn how to get pleasure from Fish Cake Soup (Odeng Soup) – Korean Model

  • Serve Korean fish cake soup with bunsik like tteokbokki, bibim noodles or twigim
  • Serve with fish cake soup with some rice, kimchi and different banchan like myeolchi bokkeum or ojingeoche
  • Add udon noodles to fish cake soup and luxuriate in it as Odeng Guksu.
  • When you’ve got seen any Korean drama that includes somebody damaged hearted, ingesting in some makeshift tent restaurant (pojang macha 포장마차), you’d have seen individuals drink this fish cake soup in-between ingesting soju and both crying their eyes out or yelling as a result of they’re indignant… 😝 😜 It’s Korean drama’s most favourite scene for displaying that somebody is having a tough time. HAHAHA..
  • OH BTW, DO NOT USE the bundle soup powders that include many Odeng packages. They’re filled with MSG.

What’s in a fish cake?

A top quality fish cake is made largely from fish meat and generally contains floor fish bones. The fish may be sea bream, or different white fish – some seasoning and often flour as a binding agent. Some fish muffins include MSG so it’s possible you’ll need to examine that if that may be a concern. The bottom fish batter combine is then formed after which deep-fried. It’s then cooled and frozen or refrigerated for distribution.

In my view, the perfect fish muffins are those which might be freshly made, fried and served proper as they arrive out of the fryer. As a child I bear in mind following my mother to our native market and tasting the freshly made Odeng that was offered proper as the vendor was making it. I bear in mind considering that this tasted sooo completely different from those that is available in packages. Odeng was certainly one of my mother’s favourite snack to have within the automotive on our means again house from the market.

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I bear in mind my mother saying to me with a smile as we’re each consuming –

“It’s funny how this Odeng will not taste as good once we go home and eat it. So we should eat it now, right?”

Fish Cake Soup (Odeng Soup) Recipe

Servings: 2-3 Prepare dinner Time: 40 minutes Problem: EASY


  1. Peel and lower Korean radish (mu) in massive chunks. It ought to weight about 5-6 oz (150 g).
  2. In a big pot, add 6 cups water, lower radish, a handful of dried broth anchovies (gukmul myeolchi 국물멸치) and one giant piece of dried kelp (dashima 다시마).
    Anchovy Kelp Broth for Fish Cake Soup
    Anchovy Kelp Broth for Fish Cake Soup
  3. Simmer for half-hour. Take away dried kelp and anchovies. Depart the radish or lower into smaller items so it may be served with the fish muffins.
  4. Whereas broth is simmering, chop inexperienced onions. If you should purchase ssukat (chrysanthemum leaves), garnish with them additionally for further fragrant taste.
  5. Add fish cake, carry to boil after which rapidly carry all the way down to simmer for one more 10 minutes.
    Fish Cake Soup -Boiling
    Fish Cake Soup -Boiling

    The fish muffins I’m utilizing are the skewered variety referred to as Kkochi Eomuk 꼬치어묵 or Kkochi Odeng 꼬치오뎅. However you should use any fish cake you want. FYI, right here’s what I utilized by Sempio.

    Fish Cake -Korean Odeng Skewers
    Fish Cake -Korean Odeng Skewers
  6. Serve in a bowl. Garnish with inexperienced onions and ssukat. Additionally serve soy sauce and yellow mustard or wasabi on the facet so it may be combined with soy sauce. Odeng tastes nice when dipped in soy sauce combined with mustard or wasabi.
Odeng Soup - Korean Fish Cake soup
Odeng Soup – Korean Fish Cake soup


  • Try my Know your Soy Sauce hyperlink to search out out extra about Korean soup soy sauce (Guk Ganjang).
  • Add extra salt/guk ganjang (soup soy sauce) to style.
  • To spice issues up a bit, sprinkle some gochukaru (Korean pink chili pepper powder).

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If you should purchase uncut Korean rice muffins for soups, you’ll be able to put them on skewers and prepare dinner along with your fish muffins. Don’t prepare dinner the rice muffins too lengthy although since they’ll begin to soften within the soup. Simply add it within the final 3-4 minutes of cooking.

FishCake Skewers - 꼬치오뎅 Kkochi Odeng
FishCake Skewers – 꼬치오뎅 Kkochi Odeng
Korean Fish Cake Soup (오뎅국 Odeng Guk)
Korean Fish Cake Soup (오뎅국 Odeng Guk)

Pairing Options

Pairs splendidly with tteokbokki or bibim noodles or yache twigim. Click on on the hyperlinks or photos under for recipes.

Makguksu (막국수) close up - Buckwheat noodles with chicken and veggies
Makguksu (막국수) shut up – Buckwheat noodles with rooster and veggies
Korean Vegetable Fries - Yache Twigim
Korean Vegetable Fries or tempura (Yache Twigim)
Tteokbokki - Korean spicy rice cake with vegetables, cooking in pan
Tteokbokki – Korean spicy rice cake with greens, cooking in pan

Get pleasure from!



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