how to make oreo fluff dessert

Making Oreo Fluff Dessert is a challenge for most people, but this recipe will help you get it just right. This dessert is easy to make and can be done in less than 10 minutes. It's perfect for any occasion.

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How to make oreo fluff dessert
Oreo Fluff

This post has been recently updated on 2/29/20 to help you achieve the perfect Oreo Fluff.

If you’ve been following the WW program for quite some time now “fluff” recipes like this were quite popular and handed out at meetings. Especially this popular recipe for Orange Fluff. I adapted this recipe to make it more WW recipe. If you want to know how I did that please keep on reading or just use the jump to feature at the top of the page to skip to the recipe.

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How is this a WW recipe?

Food bloggers like to find trending recipes online and adjust the recipe to make it for a specific diet like Keto or WW. For this specific recipe, it was easy to adjust and make more WW friendly using fat-free and sugar-free pudding with less OREOS than what the original recipe calls for. If you don’t like fat-free or sugar-free products, I included the points with a regular box of instant pudding.

ANY recipe you see online can be a WW recipe. Find ways to adjust the points and replace ingredients that are lower in calories to make the recipe suit your needs.

Ingredients for Oreo Fluff

Instant Pudding – Vanilla, cheesecake, white chocolate, or chocolate instant pudding can be used for this recipe. I prefer vanilla instant pudding. FYI: Some people don’t like the after taste that some sugar-free products leave behind so I included points for both options below.

Instant Vanilla Pudding

Milk – Use either 1% or skim milk. Do not try this with almond milk. The pudding will not set if you use almond milk. Believe me, I’ve tried before even using less milk than what the box calls for

Oreos: Yes, this has Oreos in it. Some Oreo Fluff recipes call for a whole package of crushed Oreos and I made this lighter only using 6. Crushed Oreo thins work as well. You can have Oreos and your dessert on WW just be smart about it and only go by what the serving size says alright?! 🙂

Regular Oreos or Reduced Fat Oreos

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Crush the Oreos with a rolling pin in a zip lock freezer bag. or use a food processor. That will help get the Oreo cookies really fine and crumbly as well.

How to make Oreo Fluff

It takes no time at all to make Oreo Fluff and it is super easy to make too!

Take one box of instant jello pudding (white chocolate) and whisk in the amount of milk it calls for on the box. Fold in a whole container of cool whip and crushed Oreos. I saved some Oreos to decorate the top of the oreo fluff with to make it look nice.

This dessert can be made Weight Watcher friendly too. See the recipe below the original. 🙂

Oreo Fluff Tips

The sugar-free boxes of instant pudding are either 1 oz or 1.4 oz.

The regular boxes of instant pudding are 3.4 oz boxes. They both require 2 cups of milk. It is fine to use both sizes for this.

When purchasing instant pudding get ones closer to the 1 oz size as you can.

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How to make Oreo Fluff Video

Oreo Fluff


How do you figure out points for recipes?

The recipe builder app from WW is what I use to figure out points for all my recipes. If you are not getting the same points as I have listed it is because some ingredients will vary in points by brand. I double-check all my recipes to make sure all the ingredients are there. Points values are listed in the notes section of the recipe.

How is this a WW recipe?

On WW there is no food off-limits and everything is on the table. That is why I love this program so much.

How does Weight Watchers work?

Each recipe or food has a Smart Points value. This is calculated using calories, saturated fat, protein, and sugar. It is best to stay away from foods that are loaded with saturated fat and sugar on the plan because those foods are higher in points. When you register with Weight Watchers you are given a daily set of points to target based on your age, gender, height, and activity level. Think of it as an easier way to track your macros.

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